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Huang Pei, also Little Punk or 小朋克, is the lead singer of Boys Climbing Ropes. Last year she also debuted her solo career with the album released by the DIY record label 区 Hey guy, you are big time alright. Little Punk is one of the most interesting, disturbing, and attractive voices of music in China.

I like a lot her own description of herself on her myspace page, I believe it’s a pretty nicely done and accurate mini auto-bio, so let me just copy-paste it here. Little Punk writes: “Born in March 1988. Live in Shanghai. Natural born dancer. Female. Singer, Poet, lacking self-esteem. Natural high, you meet me at fleeting moments. Cute face, lean back, complicated mind, simple desire, easily confused, easily off the confusion. Change temper real quick, fascinating, dazzling. Sad, cheerful walking on the edge or middle of the road. Love life in suburban. Love pretty-faced boys. Treated easily, lacking self control. Quick thinker, smart but shallow. Miss shadow. Rude but soft, warm and of a kind heart. Young and little in appearance. Big smoker, like getting drunk. Get offended at unexpected moments. Lonely. Cheerful while with people and good music. Sometimes day dreaming. Sometimes lazy. Talented. Obsessed.”

Here Little Punk’s playlist, an smooth selection of indie sounds.

Belle Sebastian “Stay loose”
Loving this song. Nice keyboard. And nice guitar solo in the middle of the song. Nice and warm lyrics too.

Pavement “Ed Ames”
“I’m doing a time!”

Quasi “Nothing from nothing”
Awesome tune.

Magnetic fields “Punk Love”
Great short song

Beat Happening “Indian Summer”
When I sit in park and knit, I listen to this song, thinking of rainy warm winter days, it’s just irresistable.

Art Brut “18000 Lira”
Another nice short tune

New Order “Age of consent”
My all time favorite

Silkworm “Homoactivity”
Classic silkworm, so rad, so bitter and just so beautiful in hearts. Hearts my friend.

T. Rex “Life’s a Gas”
loving this song

Arab Strap “It’s A Heartache” (Rod Stewart cover)
This tune is just so wise.

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