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Yoan Gandin moved to China early on 2007, after a year he set Wangba Records loose on Beijing, successfully touring bands like Papier Tiger, and L’Ocelle Mare, among others. From Beijing he plans and controls different musical adventures around China. He is now getting ready to tour Troy Von Balthazar.

Yoan’s own musical trip began on his eleventh birthday when his uncle gave him a waterproof and yellow Sony Walkman. This object turned him into the music addict he is today. This is Yoan’s playlist with his favorite tunes, only with nine songs because he’s superstitious and not into the number “10”.

1. Radiohead “Airbag”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 1. Radiohead “Airbag” [/gplayer]

It’s just the first song of an album that is the one I’ve listened to the most. It was an intense period for me. At that time I saw so many gigs…good memories.

2. Miles Davis “All Blues”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 2. Miles Davis “All Blues” [/gplayer]

An intensive live act with his band and so creative. He founded this band after his collaboration with John Coltrane was finished. Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams and Ron Carter were so young. Miles was 45 years old. I like it, a guy who wasn’t afraid to experiment with new things. This second quintet is his a reply to the free jazz movement and it was the first time in music history black musicians won a lot of money and negotiated their contracts. Modal Jazz is a real revolution not only for musical theory but for the music industry, too.

3. Mogwai “Kappa”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 3. Mogwai “Kappa”[/gplayer]

After their first album, when the media started to put a name on their music, Post-Rock, they recorded this one just to say: “No, this is only punk rock guys!” So they also put the name of a famous sportswear brand on this track.

4. Wild Children 野孩子 “Incantation 咒語”, Live in Shanghai

[gplayer href=”咒語.mp3″ ] 4. Wild Children 野孩子”Incantation 咒語”[/gplayer]

The most important alt-folk band in China. They came from Lanzhou. The singer died a few months after this recording.

Last year, on tour with Xiao He, in Linz (somewhere in Austria) we listened to this album together a part of the the night, bet our vodka shots to know who will sleep in “the bed of Kurt Cobain”. Nirvana played at the same venue in 1992. It was a pretty kind of Incantation!

5. Django Reinhardt “Si Tu Savais”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 5. Django Reinhardt “Si tu savais”[/gplayer]

My mother was a gypsy, a Manouche, like Django.

6. Jeff Buckley “The Way of Lovers Do”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 6. Jeff Buckley “The way of lovers do”[/gplayer]

Jeff Buckley was the kind of artist you can’t forget if you saw him perform. After that, you needed to listen to his music regularly because he touched something essential.

In 1993, he hadn’t recorded Grace yet. He was just playing in this bar Sin-é for few fans.

This is a song written by Van Morrison.

7. Joseph Arthur “Mercedes”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 7. Joseph Arthur “Mercerdes”[/gplayer]

A song from his first album. I saw him in a little town in the west of France. Only 40 people were in the venue and there was a big storm outside, but he was amazing onstage. It was the first time I saw someone use footstep samples and overdubbing. And his songs were so sad. One of my best memories about music performance.

8. PJ Harvey “The Garden”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 8. PJ Harvey “The Garden”[/gplayer]

My favorite female songwriter from the indie rock scene.

9. Tortoise “The Equator”

[gplayer href=”″ ] 9. Tortoise “The Equator”[/gplayer]

They are the most inventive band I have ever heard. 100 original ideas per track!!!

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