Summer Jam 02, Home Made Beats and A Bop

There’s a lot of new music produced by talented artists from, or in, or connected with China. It’s sunny, and my private bartender is making me a pina colada right now, the perfect summer mood to do this summer jam.



DJ Wash – Master of drum ‘n bass, Wash released this track a week ago, a super friendly track to mix in any set meant to make people go monkey.


Wash and Steve Lorenz – Wash again, in a track done in collaboration with Steven Lorenz, boy wonder of bass.


R3 – Secretly romantic, or probably he was just really killing time, anyway, R3 just did a killer tune.



Tao Beans and the Buddha Machine – This week’s mix on the Buddha Machine series is by the German producer Tao Beans, and it is a nice one, it has sounds that remind of Popol Vuh’s song for Aguirre, The Wrath Of God.

Didjelirium in collaboration with Ghost Science – Subculture master, Didjelirium tagged this track as “storytelling”, a bassy down tempo tune based on a story by Borges. Deep waves.


Toby Mak – trumpet wiz, mr. Mak let free this super tune from an album he recorded long ago, and this is the right time to enjoy it. (I got my pina colada) Check the classy drum solo.


The Horses – Infamous house beasts in a creative rush, The Horses produced this house jam around an interview.


Sulumi – The 8bit warlock just did this mix of a tune by Janski Beeeats. Fun stuff to go nuts with.


LON – Returned to home, LON remixed this Hamacide and Chacha tune, a killer shake of producers, and energies.


Ceezy – Hip hop beat maker jamming in a reflection of sounds and spaces.


Doktor Audio – Doktor Audio set free this tune that’s “still in treatment”, a creative collage of sounds and rhythms.


Bonus Track

Dwnstate – Dwnstate delivered this smooth dark set at The Shelter a couple weeks ago opening for Mono/Poly’s gig. A space fantasy in thirty two minutes.


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