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We have received great music this week, and a lot of it too. This playlist will be long so I’ll move quickly. Just let me explain the photo a bit, China, as so many other countries, is still conservative but clearly it’s a matter of time, one day positive sense will rule (yes, I do believe in human kind). You can find more details of the wedding of these two heroic guys on China Daily.

This week there’s a lot of pop around, I know pop has wore out the tolerance of many sensible music lovers, but as I believe in human kind, I do believe pop can be  respectable, it just depends on the authenticity of the artists behind the songs, and then if their education and language match with mine then I might understand it and enjoy it.

Okay let’s dive into the cool music we’ve been receiving this week.



Depeche Mode – “Heaven” [Columbia]

Depeche Mode released the first single of their thirteenth studio album Delta Machine to be release in March this year. They put a lot of energy to promote the video, but I didn’t really like it, they look creepy, and it doesn’t really add anything good to the song. Without images the song is much better. Dave Graham’s voice is great as always, and the back vocals by Martin Gore are cool. “Heaven” has a nice atmosphere. (It’d be pretty bad news if it wouldn’t!)


Clockwork – “Places” [Kompakt]

Italian duo Clockwork will release their first full length album on April,  B.O.A.T.S. (Based On A True Story). “Places” is the first single they are spreading. It’s a well done track, it accomplishes the cool vibe of a chilled electronic track, I don’t find any special greatness in it, but I can listen to it and enjoy it. I think I can show you music I don’t specially dig, because maybe you do. And there is a chance Clockwork will expose their individuality on B.O.A.T.S. (Based On A True Story).


The 1975 – “Head. Cars. Bending”

The 1975 have been doing pretty well since they hit the media last year. Now they are promoting their new coming EP, Music For Cars. Which, by the way, makes me miss to have a car to try these songs. “Head. Cars. Bending” has a likable mix of elements, those clapping beats are contagious, and the wavy vocals.  The pop arrangement, I like it.


Access Royale – “Truth In Numbers” 

I’m not sure if there is truth in numbers, there have been serious mistakes in the history of engineering because of believing in numbers, after all, numbers are just another human element, and as all that is human, mistakes happen. Yeah, almost everybody think of the 95% of times that numbers are correct, but what about the 5%?! … Okay. I’ll let it go.  … Access Royale, and another dose of decent pop, or call it rock, but really the arrangement is pretty poppy. The song is not really new, but it’s the track for their ride to U.K.


Blaise Deville – “Grave Robbing”  

Here you go, in case it was too much pop already, your savior is Blaise Deville. Dark, heavy, and ironic as only he can be, Blaise Deville brings a chiptune that he classified as ‘excavation’. The Deville strikes again.


Hamacide – “In Rain Water” feat. Pei Pei (Demo)

Hamacide set free this demo on Monday, it was a good surprise, a track with Pei Pei (Little Punk).  I didn’t ask for extra information about it, I just have been listening to it these days, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I like how the addition of two heavy souls equals a colorful fog.  I’d like more, please.


Downstate – “Gutter 112”

To complete the trilogy of dark producers we got another track by endless Downstate. “Gutter 112” feels like it wants an anime video with fantasy animals, and extraterrestrial forests.


Madeaux – “Transatlantic Rhapsody” [LessThan3 Recordings]

Madeaux debut this week with his first record, the four track self-titled EP. The collection is an auspicious debut, I specially like the second track “Transatlantic Rhapsody”  it has a nice beat for dancers, I like that at moments space away, I do that when I’m partying, you know, sometimes my mind just leave the room to other dimensions …driven by the music usually. Well. Madeaux, looks like he could bring some new vibes to the dance floors. Check it out.


BeGun – “San Francisco” Giraffage Remix [Cuac Musica]

Remember we talked about Giraffage last week? Well, it seems he got the message. One of the first submissions we got this week was this one, the recently released EP of Spanish producer BeGun. The EP has four tracks, the original “San Francisco” by BeGun, and the remixes by Doc Daneeka, Voltron, and Giraffage. Giraffage’s remix makes me feel I’m right about him, I dig his sound, so many textures and spaces to enjoy!  BeGun’s original “San Francisco” has elements that locates it near by reggaeton, not my cup of tea really, but it’s sure a friendly track for producers and DJs armed with machines.


Astronautica – “Cruise” [Alpha Pup Records]

Astronautica will release her new album on February 26th, I got the preview this week from Alpha Pup, and I’m enjoying it a lot. We will have a proper album review for this one soon. For now, have a little taste of it.


Pop Pistol – “No New Years Knows” (Mexicanwithguns Remix)

The remix of a song from a new band in my book, Pop Pistol. I don’t have much to say about this one except that I think you should listen to it. It’s cool.


The Red Groove Project – “The Rusty Rails”

A little bit of funk now. Lawrence Ku’s band is almost ready to release a new album, and this is the first song of it that he is sharing. The band members are all time classic cats of Shanghai’s jazz scene. The Red Groove Project has had a fair popularity in the past, Lawrence Ku is a great guitarist, and the musicians playing with him are great too. “The Rusty Rails” is a tune that is very 80’s, it could perfectly be the opening track for an 80’s TV series.


Mr. Frogg – “Headlock” [Kompakt / Kicking Ink ]

Wow! This has been a long list, I might ran out of things to say soon…. not yet though. “Headlock” is the single of the album with the same title that will be released in March through Kompakt and Kicking Ink. “Headlock” is easy going, an attention-catcher tune. Much of pop in it, by the way.


Kilo Kish – “Goldmine”

A tune produced by Star Slinger. If you have not yet listen to Kilo Kish, be careful, you could like her too much.


Cakes Da Killa – “The Eulogy” [MishkaNYC]

This is a fresh release from Miskanyc. And it’s serious fun! The album The Eulogy is great, and it’s free to download! Thanks Mishka! To start I bring you the “The Eulogy” because of the soul and the swing. But remember, keep it coochie!


Lauriana Mae – “Love” [Atlantic]

This one is not new, but it was just published on Atlantic’s Soundcloud. And this week Lauriana Mae and Cee Lo Green released a video that has been all over the pop culture media. And I got into Cee Lo Green because of Rabshakah of Friend Or Foe (an oxymoron event), and all the talk about pop this week, and the EP of American Royalty that we just got, and the R&B in it, and you know, love, and its power, and the couple in the photo, and …. pop pop pop, pop music.

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