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In The Valley Below “Hymnal”

The debut EP of this duo from Los Angeles is due for April 1st, but it’s already available for listening and download on their Soundcloud. This is the first track.



Killing Fields of Ontario “Twisted Little Theatre”

First single for their upcoming new album How The World Ends.


Woodenbox “Roll For Me”

From their forthcoming album End Game, due for the end of May.


Galimatias “Strawberries”

An easy going track, chilled and smoothly disco with a nice bass in the shadow.



Willow Neilson “Lightbulb Life” (Live at JZ)

This was recorded on June 2012 at JZ Club, live jazz, the best jazz. On trumpet Theo Croker, Leonardo Sussi on percussion, Nick McBride on drums, Peter Scherr on bass, Steinar Nickelson on keys, and Willow Neilson on saxophone.


Coma ” My Orbit”

Coma’s new EP My Orbit will be officially released next March 25th. This is the original edit of the single, a cool track. Side note: another Kompakt release during their 20 years anniversary!


Mastifal “Que Sea Rock” (featuring Lula Bertoldi)

Argentine metal. The new album of Mastifal, featuring guitarist and fantastic rock singer Lula Bertoldi. Head bang it.


Simian Disco Mobile “Wooden” (Live Edit)

Their live album will be released on April 15th, “Wooden” is the tenth track in it. The album is really fun, and “Wooden” is a good sample of the vibe displayed along the fifteen tracks of Live Delicacies.


Penthouse Penthouse “Heist”

Producer Penthouse Penthouse has a fine connection with funk.


Jonwayne “Passing Fancies”

Human kind doesn’t make sense so many times, it’s disappointing. Now cassettes are the trend, okay, they look cool, but that’s that and only that, there’s no way that a cassette will ever sound better than a CD or a vinyl or an audio file of good quality. You might like the look, but it’s not really necessary to cover the love for fashion with silly explanations. Okay. Said it. Recently I’ve heard too many silly things about how cassettes rocked. Regardless the short term memory problem of humanity, this song is pretty cool.


Exquisite Delegates “Krack”

Shanghainese hip hop collective leaded by Amine released the first single of their debut album.


Pinch + Rosca “Shoulda Rolla”

From the forthcoming album to be released on April 15th by Tectonic Records.


Helmet Compass “Simone”

Danish rockers released new single from their forthcoming album Beautiful High.


The Red Groove Project “The Adventures of Tom and Big Al”

Super groovy track, another of the forthcoming album of Lawrence Ku’s project. Toby Mak on trumpet, and EJ Parker slapping the bass with pure funk style.


Rare Shot Blue “Get Rid Of That Tension”

Second single of their forthcoming album. Great funk.


The Ovnis “Chau”

New wave trio from Argentina. “Chau” is about leaving a girlfriend, send her to fly, let her take everything, except the amp. The Ovnis will release their new album in April.


Lemonkono “裂帛 Torn Silks”

This is a strange song, different sounds, different moods, different ideas, they all cross and meet in this song.


Itsogoo “多余表达pt2”

New beats from Beijing.


Downstate ” G N H”

New beats from Shanghai.


Nick McBride “Suspicious Email” 

The tune features Toby Mak on trumpet and of course Nick McBride on drums.



The complete selection of tracks of this week is in our set of March 2013 Vol. 3, and still you can go to the Vol. 2., and Vol. 1. And let’s try this way to have them as a playlist embed here, a new tool I found, that might work.


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