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Meteorites, firecrackers (still),  snow, and sun, love, fireworks, and snakes!

This column will have to go through even stronger filter because music is taking too much space and I lost myself for a while when writing this. But it’s actually great to have this problem. Too much music to listen to.


Pairs “Junior Barnes”

I think we could say Pairs is one of Layabozi’s house bands. Zack is one of their groupies for sure.  Also they have been crazy productive the last months. This week they released Eltham Join, their sixth album (just mentioned here a couple of hours ago). I’m enjoying a lot this album, I like to understand what Xiao Zhong says and how he says it.


Vasco Da Gama “Geography”

From Liverpool, Vasco De Gama. They were introduce to us with serious words like experimental, math pop, avant-guard, etc. etc. But when I head them I imagined all the things in my kitchen becoming alive, bubbling, alien dancers. I like their not serious side.


Vato Gonzalez “What?”

This track has not class at all. If I would be a grown up person maybe I wouldn’t like this. Vato Gonzalez is not a fancy name neither, but it does bounce.


Crash & The Coots “Bottle Rhythm”

Never heard of them before, they are from UK, and I like them. They mix  is right, I want to have a radio like those old 80’s used by street break dancers, get out of my apartment, put it on the floor near the elevators, and play this tune loud. Later I will add it to my iPhone and do that annoying thing of playing it to friends that haven’t asked me what I am listening to lately. Music to play.


Fossil Collective “Under My Arrest”

The hippie in me is dancing barefoot in yesterday’s jeans and shirt around the beach of Pan de Azucar, my favorite place in the world. Mornings there are like few other things in life. The loose strum, the windy chorus, easiness. Fossil Collective (UK) debut album Tell Where I Lie will be out on April 8th on Dirty Hit.


Bensburner “Meanwhile”

This one is not right, but it works. It’s definitely playing a trick, and something is broken. But still works. It’s like if time would have Alzheimer in a sweet place. “Meanwhile” was produced inspired by Stephen Laberge and Mogwai.


Alfida “Kish-Mish”

The only thing I like of moombathon is that I was introduced to it by DJ Mau Mau, really not my cup of tea. But this track is fun.


On The Go “Deception”

Good pop from Russia.


Barnt “Stac”

Comeme just released Barnt’s EP Ariola. The four tracks are available to listen on Soundcloud. “Stac” is the third track. It fools you with the intro, then with the constant knocking at the door, it seems easy going, but it’s not.


Four Tet and RocketNumberNine “Metropolis”

When the keys begin to sound the universe expands, a tik later the universe is just the size of a bubble. But you are in the bubble still. A

tune to think.


Alex & Daniel “Mundo Real”

Alex Anwandter got me with his album Odisea. Now Quemasucabeza released this week Alex & Daniel by Anwandter and Gepe, both figures Chilean indie pop scene. Easy to dance, fun to swing.



Proxy “9000”

There is so much music around, it can be confusing. Who knows who, who did what, when did who what. I don’t really care about who is Proxy, it really doesn’t matter. “9000” is enough.


Dirty Projectors “There’s A Fire” 

Before I was in China, a bit before that, I rode along firemen by a lake in the country side. Awesome times. I even had my own beacon for my car that was coincidentally red. I don’t know about firemen around the world, but in Chile they are a special kind of people, party people, stubborn, and strong. Before I met them, they didn’t even had a firetruck, so when ever was a fire they had to go riding their bikes or horses, through dirt tracks. This song is like that, like firemen riding their bikes around a lake by dirt tracks, running to get the fire, because they love fire.


Spirit Oak “The Answer”

This song is far, late, ready to take a nap. It’s lovely.


AlunaGeorge “Attracting Flies”

What attracts flies? … Well. This one is spreading like ice cream in summer. New pop.


Disasteradio “Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne”

I was actually thinking about Disasteradio, that I would like to listen to some new music from him. And there he was on the top of Layabozi’s stream. Perfect.


Lapalux “Forlorn” featuring Busdriver

Lapalux expands and expands.


Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou “Ecoutes ma Melodie”

Old school afrobeat reissued by Analog Africa.


The Red Groove Project “Instigator”

During February The Red Groove Project has been releasing slowly pieces of their forthcoming album, those tracks have been featured here in The Friday’s Special. “Instigator” is the latest, and the last of our February’s Specials. Funk from Shanghai.



February is the shortest month, but our February set on Soundcloud, with all the tracks we selected during the month we have 185 songs. That’s almost fourteen hours of new music. Many songs could not be on The Friday Selection. The first filter is from our inbox to the folder with all those that must be listened, then from that folder we select those that will go just on the set, and those that will also make it to the list. Some were not in Soundcloud. However the songs listed here during February are enough material for any music junkie to explore the planet through sounds.

Music is intoxicating too.




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