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Kiven “Hope And Smoke”

SXSW season is starting, and we are getting news from the bands that will be there. Kevin, a band from Los Angeles, is warming up promoting their latest work, the EP 1840, released last year before a good welcoming by professional music lovers and listeners. “Hope And Smoke” develops as pop tune, with shiny grooves, melodic riffs, and a catchy chorus, an easy to like tune.

Kiven “Hope And Smoke”


Manitoba SXSW 2013

Manitoba is a province of Canada with around one million people but a very loud and proud music community. They, the association of local musicians Manitoba Music, are sending four bands to SXSW, and they are passionately promoting them.  I support their spirit, and I also liked the bands. Imaginary Cities, Royal Canoe, Chic Gamine, and Boats.


The 1975 “Intro/Set3” (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

The 1975 are giving away a set of remixes based on their latest EP Sex. They are giving away the full set in exchange for your email address to later bomb you with their new music. This is the remix of the first track of Sex by Seattle’s production duo Blue Sky Black Death.


Death Rattle “The Blows”

“The Blows” is the second single of London duo’s EP He&I released last year. The magnet of Death Rattle is the mix of darkness and glitter, the dirt that gives them the texture that’s easy to enjoy. When pop is starting to be too shiny, Death Rattle is a  way to move forward. “The Blows.”


Maricka Hackman “I’ll Borrow Time”

Maricka Hackman released two singles of That Iron Taste due to release next week February 25th. The two singles are “Retina Television”, and “I’ll Borrow Time.” I chose to play here the second because of the sweet dissonant blur, the lo-fi break, and the theme.


The Postal Service “A Tattered Line Of String”

The Postal Service returns after a decade of … holidays?! “A Tattered Line Of String” is one of the two new songs in the re-edition of Give Up their one and only album released ten years ago. Besides these two new songs and the celebratory re-edition of Give Up, the duo is set to play in Coachella and to tour around the States and Europe.


hunkE featuring Didjelirium “Never Know”

Shanghai’s Didjelirium, hyperactive music beast, released this week “Never Know”, a track produced in collaboration with hunkE from Canada. Bass dub reggae.


Marie Madeleine “Das Ende” ( Nova Heart Cover)

Just played on Layabozi, and enjoying the right to play music we like as many times we want. The new single by Nova Heart.


The Beatles “Because” (Clement Pony Angry Remix)

The fact that is an angry remix of a Beatles’ song would be enough. If you need more…  it’s a forgotten track just found by Clem Pony. The woody bass notes. The sung harmonies twisted and raped. The defamation with style.


Maxx Pony + The Horses “Triplet”

Another of the Horses. This one sucks you in with its odd beat.


Makon “O Elefante”

Brazil, drum ‘n bass. Just reading those words, and a breeze refreshes your mind. A mashup featuring Tita Lima in vocals.


Cashmere Cat ” Aurora”

Norwegian producer released “Aurora” featured in Feathers a compilation of various artist, all label mates, produced by his home Pelican Fly.


Buck Em Clowns “Star Crimes”

There’s a new band in town. Buck Em Clowns. The band members Conrank, Theo Croker, Nick McBride, and Lufer, each coming from different dimension to meet in the bouncing space of drum ‘n bass. This week they met, recorded a track, shot a video, and got charged to attack. Here their opera prima.


DJ Snake “Bird Machine” featuring Alesia

This track makes me laugh. The beginning is not auspicious, but soon starts to explain itself, and then you start to smile.


Flume “Left Alone” featuring Chet Faker (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Recently Chet Faker has been invading our inbox. This is Chrome Sparks’ remix of the second track of Flume’s debut album, the guy singing, that’s Chet Faker.


Autumns “Keep On Sinking”

I’ve felt like this song. And when that has happened is definitively time to go home, stop, let go, or switch to invisibility mode at least. Also it’s good to hear something that sounds like Pairs, but far away, it makes me miss Pairs. Autumns is from Ireland, like Pairs they are a drummer and a guitar player.


King Tuff “Sun Medallion”

From his Was Dead, now reissued and ready to be released in April 2013 by Burger. A tune that’s a time machine.


FAHR “River Loop”

FAHR is the duo of  Damien Skoracki and Thomas Baudrille. I’ve been listening to Thomas Baudrille’s tracks on Soundcloud for a while, his music is  fresh, it has substance. “River Loop” is a floating wave in pastel colors swimming around you, not too near, just around, some times goes further away, always floating, until it dissolves in the air.


Daisuke Tanabe “Paddle”

More sweet beats to drip you away.


Astronautica “Califlorida”

Alpha Pup released the second single of Astronautica’s album Replay Last Night, an album to enjoy from end to end.


Büromaschinen “Form Code”

What I like the most of Buromaschinen music is that is a good space for imagination to find new games.

Atoms For Peace Amok

The other band of Thom Yorke, the one with Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Mauro Refosco released this week their first album Amok. The one thing to add is that there are times when words are almost unnecessary, it’s been a long night, I don’t feel in the mood to talk about music that’s everywhere. Just listen to Amok.

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