March To Summer



If you are in the Los Angeles then you should go and see them playing live at Hollywood’s Hemingway. If you are not there then go get their new EP.


Another one from Fossil Collective, we’ve been enjoying them the last weeks. The release of their new album is getting closer. Lovely vibes.


The fun 80s glam purple pop vibe.


Go on dancing.


The new, and yet unreleased, singles of Frank Rabeyrolles, who has a new album booked to launch on September. Nice metallic sounds.


The return of the month, Texas. The single of their upcoming new album. Some people, old fans, are thrilled. They were okay, still fine, just not great deal really.


Simone seems to be one of those crazy girls that fight against giants.


Jonathan Parker, sax cat, veggies lover, and comedian in development just published a set of great tunes on his Soundcloud. One to start, then you go by yourself.


Materia Prima adds new sounds to his collection.


More electronic beats from the very South of the planet.


A little bit of drum ‘n bass for the spirit.


An Intergalactic Travel is what I want. But no muting the speakers!


Acceptance!  Really sweet beats.




Fusion love.


Dance this too, great beats also from the South of the planet.


Sweet new disco. Rainbow Arabia rays.


Letherette released this EP this week. Good sounds.


Also released in March, and available for free download. Kompakt good, Not Waving.


You can listen to all the songs we’ve been listening during March and many more on our Soundcloud and on this playlist below.

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