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March is the month of Mars, and Mars is the god of war, and war is crazy. This week has been crazy for many people. Maybe that’s harmony. Even the madness, there’s a hope still.

I was checking all the music we have got this week, it is so much, so many bands out there. Don’t you think is amazing the spirit that drive us, human beings, to produce music, even thought there is enough music produced already to feed maybe another three or four planets fully. Once a friend told me there was a risk to become addict to music, because when we consume music we consume feelings. When he said that to me I thought it was silly to think like that, now I think is useless to think like that, if it is true that we can be addicts to music, I’m already a lost cause. Between yesterday and today I’ve heard probably more than one hundred new tracks. And I’m stressed because I haven’t had time to hear some albums of my collection that I haven’t heard in a while and I’m starting to miss. No time for them right now.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to understand everything? Maybe that is not happening to everybody, but I think that many of us have gone through the “why” and “how” stage, and some even will never leave it. On those years, specially the beginning of my teen years I was dreaming to have access to all the music I could to listen to it. Last night, while checking the songs we get from all around the planet, I realized I got what I wanted. Now I’m just missing the control of time to be able to listen to all of it with  love. …  Time!

Okay. Let’s welcome March, and Mars, and most of all the Sun! Because finally it is not cold anymore, thought Mike told me yesterday was snowing in New York. … One point to Shanghai!

There is a lot of new music to listen to, and I honestly just can’t spent the whole night writing about it. So a selection of the selection must be applied. Sadly. Blame it on time. However, the almost complete selection is in our set of Soundcloud, those on Bandcamp, or Xiami, or mp3 format aren’t there.

Okay enough talk. Music is why we love each other.



XTX “Dance And Sound”

The release of the week in China is the return of XTX, a rock star in China since the 90s. The album, Illusion, is all around the Chinese social networks, and it does deserves the hype. This is the first track of Illusion, a nice start really.


Sinkane “Making Time” (Tuff City Kids Remix)

A collection of three remixes was released this week by DFA Records, I feel this dance.


Les Sins (Toro y Moi) “Prelims”

The band released two new tracks, “Grind”, the other one, is another house track, “Prelims”, on the other hand, though less popular, says much more in more interesting ways too. Anyway, both are in our March selection.


Alfida “Kish-Mish” (Original mix)

I’m digging Alfida since last week’s bollywood moombathon. This hips-shaker is what Shakira is dancing at when she is alone at home forgetting work. This track is great material for DJs to play at parties and do all those things they do with those knobs and buttons.


Fossil Collective “Boy With Blackbird Kite”

After a crazy week without free time to pause, listening to Fossil Collective reminds me I like to breath.


Sam Page OC “Pheromones”

Lots of things, but specially two. One, “when you smell it, you loose control.” Two, “bass.” Yeah!


China Rats “Nip It In The Bud”

Because you can see them dancing even with your eyes closed. And the rats.


Austra “Home”

Her voice remind me of Nacha Guevara, a famous singer from Argentina who really annoyed me when I was a little girl, with her strange falsetto and her songs of freedom and weird jokes. I had to know a bit more of life and then, when I got into tangos, I understood her. Austra’s “Home” is very fine.


Husky Rescue “Tree House”

One of the best things that the Expo left in Shanghai in 2010 was Husky Rescue. This is their new single. Love it.


The Ruby Suns “In Real Life”

That tuh tuh tuh breaks it well. The arrangement of this song is pretty cool, the decorative elements are fun and smart. Disco never died, it grew, evolved, and became so many other things.  I just had never really understood why people uses the concept of “real life” like if there would be another life to live, live can’t be unreal, unless you don’t exist. Right? Those people that talk of “real life” like if real means painful, difficult, hard, and happy, fun, interesting… what?  are they fiction? …People who worships pain annoys me. Still, I like this track.


Penthouse Penthouse “Ace Hotel”

These guys of Team Supreme! Please pack them all in a box and send them to me. I know what to do with them.


Portugal. The Man “Evil Friends”

I can’t run away from catchy riffs, once I tried and I was tortured in an eternal nightmare in a space where rock never was. Terrible. Since then, I never tried again to deny the eternal teenager living in me. I succumb to rock.


James Blake “Digital Lion”

That bridge reminds of Pink Floyd.


Himuro Yoshiteru “Stratosphere Ver.B”

Do you know Japan and Brazil have a private affair?


ESTA. “Lisa Bonet”

The impressive thing is that for real sounds to Lisa Bonet.


Alpha Stronggah “Barrial Zudakim” (FLYBVCK remix)

There’s an hypnotic wave in this track.


The Family Rain “Trust Me I’m A Genius” (R3 mix)

Because it was long since R3’s last remix.


Zebra Katz “Y I DO”

Play and fall.


Blue Hawaii “In Two”

Blue Hawai’s love to end this. For now.


The complete selection is in our March set on Soundcloud, go, and show us some love!

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