Time flies! It's already 2013,5


*painted by Debrosi



The singles of this week.


Arctic Monkey “Do I Wanna Know?”

They debut this song last May 22nd at a concert in Ventura, California. And we got the single this week from Domino Records.


Biscuit Twat “Unknown” and Francis Inferno Orchestra  “3 AM Piano Thing”

Released this week via Voyeurhythm.


American Royalty “Change The Colors In The Sky” (Urulu Remix)

American Royalty is beginning their Primatic Tour this week around the States. They also are releasing an EP with remixes that will be set free each week. “Change The Colors In The Sky” by Urulu is the one of this week.


Rainbow Danger Club “The World’s Fair”

Last weekend Shanghai’s Rainbow Danger Club released their last album. This is fresh, and legendary as any good end is.


Disasteradio “Nespresso”

Released this week. “Nespresso” is another fun tune by Disasteradio, the tune has a line that recalls the first steps of Madonna into the world, mixed with the classic spatial style that make Disasteradio’s tunes a good music hang.


CAssette ” Tapir House 马来貘之家”

New tune by dream pop band from Beijing. ” Tapir House 马来貘之家” still is CAssette but featuring some new tones in their established style, a bit darker and heavier than the usual. A nice turn.



Lapalux “Without You”

Fresh as the rain.



Alejandro Paz “Different But The Same”

New EP released this week by the head of label Comeme. Inside Job comes loaded with five good tracks to party with.


Nine Inch Nails “Came Back Haunted”

Published already on Layabozi. The madness caused by it gives us the pass to publish it again.


Snoop Lion “A Strange Afternoon & A Strange Night” Howie Lee Remix

Beijing producer remix Snoop Lion’s track released last year.


Girls In Airports “Kaikura”

They toured China on 2011. “Kaikura” was recorded last March. A young fresh jazz tune.


Wash “Magnitude”

In advance, from  Hong Kong’s DnB master.


S L V “Killers VIP”

Shanghainese duo remixed their track “Killers” from their S L V EP. Free download! Free bass intoxication.


Axel Thesleff “I Said”

From his forthcoming EP Don’t Go. A track with multiple spaces to float in it.



Terror Danjah and Champion “Stone Island”

From their new EP reviewed here this week, the other track by the two producers.


Bottled In England “No. 7”

Bottled In England just finished a two weeks tour around China that was pretty epic and the reason why Layabozi was off for some days while I was with them on far away lands where live drum ‘n bass is precious as water and oxygen. The band flight back to Denmark today sure to return soon for more crazy gigs around China.


Boards Of Canada “Reach For The Dead”

The other big release of these days is about the return of Boards Of Canada.



Finally, here follow the flow of music we are getting during this June.

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