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Happy New Year!!! Happy Water Snake!!!

This week has been about the new year, and that of course is about fireworks. All of China lightening fireworks like kids, tons of them, thousands of fireworks every other hour during each evening of this week, specially the day of the New Year, and the day of the God Of Wealth (yes, I use upper case for this God, we like it here). Then madness at midnight everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Isn’t amazing that fireworks make us happy?

And this week has actually been about fire impacts. The lightening on the Vatican…. what was that?! Right?! For the most skeptical is at least a funny event. There is so many options to explore in that tiny event, right? For a second I thought it was a photoshop joke, but no there is a video of it. Impressive really. And then today, a meteorite hit Russia. This one is not so funny because it hurt people. Anyway, what a week for fire.

This week we got music from every corner of the planet, and maybe even from another planet too. From pop to electronic beats to soul to blues  and rock, to end in noise. Be careful with the volume when you play the noise tunes.

Here we go.


Little Comets “Violence Out Tonight” [Dirty Hits Records]

I like the phrasing style of Robert Coles, and maybe his accent too. It’s evident the artistic quality of the band, music by musicians. “Violence Out Tonight” was just release this week through Soundcloud, though the official release by Dirty Hits will be on April 1st.


Japan Soul “Plastic Utopia” [Wealth and Taste Music]

Another new band in our garden, it does not seem necessary to say who they sound alike, it’s part of music evolution to look back two decades ago and rebirth those sounds, it’s the turn of the 90’s since a couple of years and it’s getting more evident as we go into this decade. Fashion, fa, fa… the elephant in the room. Regardless his overall and flannel shirt, the beast knows his dancing. Japan Soul seems to have a sense of humor, and fun that could keep them alive. “Plastic Utopia” is sure good for mornings and Mondays, the fresh breeze in it could blow away the pillow feathers on you.


Wash “Watch Them Burn” [Kongkrete Bass]

Done with pop. Let’s be transformed by the flaming power of DJ Wash and his new track “Watch Them Burn”, right for our New Year,  tasty bass drums to resound your bones.


Rainbow Arabia “River’s Edge” [Time No Place, Kompakt]

We got the new album of Rainbow Arabia this week, FM Sushi. I have to say it, it’s very very good sushi. Rainbow Arabia mentions African and Asian influences, if you look for them you can find them, but the taste to disco and euro-pop is much stronger. If FM Sushi was not produced influenced by disco and euro-pop, then they were possessed and never knew it. “River’s Edge” is a takeoff in a ship made of laser lights that travels through air and liquid.


Giraffage “Checkmate” [Alpha Pup Records]

Giraffage! The game continues with no penalties from his side. Giraffage’s new album  Needs was released this week, still I’m enjoying Comfort, released in January, and now Needs. It was not easy to choose a track to play here, at the end I chose “Checkmate” to keep the groove of this selection up. More good news: you can download Needs for free, thanks Giraffage and Alpha Pup.


Alejandro Paz “Texit” (Areyalux remix, 303 Acid Mix)

Latin producers in action. This remix doesn’t change much the original, but it brings up its humor highlighting its central elements, all of them classic sounds of the dance floor.


Conrank “Money Status” [Independent]

Those funky keys are sticky, couldn’t skip them.


M.E.D. & Blu “Burgundy Whip” (produced by Madlib) [Stones Throw]

Blu is back to Stones Throw joining forces with M.E.D. and Madlib to release the nine tracks The Burgundy EP. ( the mystery of the long EPs). The record to be released on February 19th, will feature tracks with the collaboration of Georgia Ann Muldrow, and Otis Jackson Jr. This is the first freed sound of The Burgundy EP.


Data MC “Fever” (DJ Vadim Remix)

How many covers of Fever are there? Maybe we will do a selection of them, there are hundreds. Here comes Vadim with this remix for Data MC, featuring Yarah Bravo and Pugs Atom, the evil trio in action.


Oy “Akwaba” [Creaked Records]

The sounds and stories mixed in “Akwaba” transport to a new space. Oy singing is charming. This is the lead single of the album to be release in March 2013.


Lapalux “Bethr”

An electronic gospel by a young prophet.


Great Dane “I Do My” [Alpha Pup Records]

We listened to Great Dane first with Time Supreme. Now we got the single of his upcoming album Alpha Dog due for March 12th. Deep dense bass to dive in, and loose it all.


Materia Prima ” Economixmp” [Independent]

This track is still in process, hence the raw sound. I like to have the chance to hear how tracks evolve. Materia Prima owns a refined and authentic aesthetic, and a natural talent to produce sounds. He keeps a low profile, his music maybe is not for the masses, but I think it must be spread because those that feel it enjoy it very much.



Solvent “Themogene” [Ghostly International]

The single of the upcoming soundtrack for the soon to premiere I Dream Of Wires, a documentary about the synthesizer and its legend. “Themogene” portrays well the context of such legend. The documentary will debut this spring, and the soundtrack during 2013’s fall.


Dam Funk “A Song 4 Moms & Pops” [Unreleased]

And talking about synths, here Mr. Funk with a simple lovely tune, a sweet public display of affection dedicated to his parents.


The Horses + MIA “Sad And Deep” [Independent]

The Horses have done a great job mixing their energy with another producers and musicians, here is another prove of that, a track that features DJ MIA singing. They are working more tracks with MIA, be on guard, definitely tempting sounds.


Ikonika “Goom”

Ikonika released a set with five lost dubs. Were they lost in a forgotten external hard drive? In a CD trapped in a bookshelf? Almost forever lost in a hidden pocket in one of her bags? … Luckily they were rescued.


Downstate “Scissors”

Downstate’s weekly release, he tagged “Scissors” as “witch trap bong”. It works.



Ulrich Schnauss “I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance” [Domino Records]

Such title can’t be ignored.



Ducktails “Letters Of Intent” (Sprinkles remix) [Domino Records]

Remember, flutes can hypnotize.


Blackbyrds “Mysterious Vibes” (Jay Soul Edit)

The death of Donald Byrd shook the music planet. A cool thing about this planet is that when someone goes away its residents instead of succumbing into sorrow,  celebrate the disappearance with great memories, songs. Here Jay Soul’s stylish tribute to Byrd.


Otis  Taylor “Sit Across Your Table” [Concord Music]

This week was the release of Otis Taylor’s thirteenth album, My World Is Gone, a work that goes around themes about native American Indians. Here the first single, “Sit Across Your Table.” Dusty solid riffs, a rusty soft voice, and a blues to loop with.



The Red Groove Project “Three Keys” (Featuring Shunza 顺子)

Lawrence Ku’s band released another single this week.  “Three Keys” sang by Taiwanese pop star Shunza  顺子, with Alec Haavik on sax, Chris Trzcinski on drums.



Kid Canaveral “The Wrench” [Fence Collective]

First single of  Now That You Are A Dancer to be released in March.



FUN “1/3” [Tenzenmen]

Crazy Finnish rockers creating chaos with rock.


王福瑞 Fujui Wang  “Pulsing Surds” [Kwanying Records, Tenzenmen]

This is the eighth track of Noise a compilation of various Chinese noise artists.


iAmalamb “New Year’s Fireworks”

A tiny but good sample of the sound of huge city playing with fireworks, just few days ago. The right way to end this selection.



We have received many more tracks, too many, and it’s not possible to have them all here. Listen to the full selection on our February set on Soundcloud.


Photo by Shawn Kregan.

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