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The Specials are back, too much festivals, and holidays can be difficult to handle. I have been actually having in mind the thought of the pain of being indie, the restrictions of time and resources to do well every part of our job is kind of annoying, but then complaining about it when the job is about art and fun, that would be a silly mistake. I was missing to do this, to listen to the new music we are getting and write about it, adding some blond thought around it too, of course. Experiencing the greatness of being saturated with music.

While the Specials were off music did not stop coming to our inbox, and lots of it was  hyped on our social networks (Weibo, Facebook, Twitter), but this is where the best are featured.

Let’s do it. Let’s swim in music.


Reykjavictim “Xiao Di Fang 小地方”

This is the new and just released album by the multi instrumentalist, octopus like, artist Reykjavictim. I have not yet finished to listen to all the songs in the album, but I’m digging it a lot. This track  “Xiao Di Fang 小地方” gives the title to the album. I love the lyrics and the singing. Also I find super fun when non Chinese in China sing in Chinese, when Chinese bands from China are singing in English. It’s like that thing that happens to sweet people when they didn’t know they were cool, until someone told them so.


Sturle Dagsland “Mokèlé-mbèmbé”

Sturle Dagsland is from Norway, I have never been there but in my imagination Norway is pretty magical, and maybe my imagination is not so wrong, because after listening to “Mokèlé-mbèmbé” my projection of Norway became deeper and more fantastic. The only problem with this track is that is too short and I wish it would be longer, there are spells in it, witches, and winds to travel. I hope we hear more from Dagsland. … And, by the way, it’s a free track, get it, and keep it. And if you are a DJ have so much fun with it.


Alejandro Paz “El House”

Comeme, Kompakt’s friend,  just released a new album El Untitled featuring twelve cool artists. Comeme has released some pretty fun albums this year, this one features tracks by Carisma, Lechuga Zafiro, Matias Aguayo, and Alejandro Paz, the mastermind behind Comeme. “El House” has fun sounds, chill decorations, an easy going rhythm, and a fun detail as the cherry on the top, a great track to play and mix.


Grant Hart “Is The Sky The Limit?” and  “Letting Me Out”

Hart’s new album is ready to launch with his new house Domino. Two songs have been released in advance to show the two vibes contain in this album. The album, The Argument, is the result of the inspiration caught during a visit to James Grauerholz, former friend and secretary for William S. Burroughs. Grauerholz showed grant an unpublished manuscript for Lost Paradise, Burroughs’ sci-fi story portraying fallen angels as alien, and God as Harry S. Truman, the story tempted Grant to add music to it, and The Argument is the result. These two singles are strong songs, with beautiful spaces to navigate in, I hear a lot of Neil Young in them, and noise that could be strange mixed with the clean guitars, but it works very well.


The 1975 “Fallingforyou”

From their forthcoming EP IV. Some people does not like easy, some do. I do, I even which there would be more easy to have and enjoy, my karma came a bit full so I’m always asking for more easy. Well, I like easy listening, comfort sounds, like fresh white wine in a summer eve, or like falling in love should be.


Materia Prima “Hyperactivity”

Materia Prima has a crazy source of creativity in him, his ability to create and mix sounds added to his sense of movement evoke the creativity in the listener. “Hyperactivity” feels a lot like what could be the energy in his own mind.


Axel Thesleff “My Pain”

Like a dolorous mantra “My Pain” transmutes hindrances obstructing the flow until the melody can flow, however in this case there’s a lot to enjoy in the transition. “My Pain” is a song of beauty.


Downstate “Fern Frond”

I like Downstate’s intro to this track “…this song isn’t about tree ferns by the way. I guess its about reminiscing and feeling old.” If this is how he is feeling old then one could only wish him to grow old as much and quickly as possible.


Elusive Parallelograms “8-bit”

This song has energy to wake up depressed souls and bring them back to conquer and adventure. Elusive Parallelograms, besides having a great name, and attitude, have an EP released short ago Fragments. Go, get it.


Ruen Brothers  “Walk Like A Man”

Soundtrack for a road with freaks and beasts, velvety bars, chicks in yellow with very red lips, hot windy days, and a good fight with your couple.


Superfood “TV”

I can’t never sleep, I can’t never sleep, I can’t never sleep without the TV on…. Are you talking to me?!  You gotta love the insolence in this song


Monophona “Give Up”

Such cool mix of sounds, singing, and arrangement to say “give up”… then you think.



This is a strange one, it’s a fourteen minutes song/EP. Heavy thoughts, viscose sounds, up and down stress, and mystery, it works like a movie.


SLDGHMR “Shadows Dancing”

This is part of their new album Reset. There’s an interesting sense of humor in all the tracks in Reset, there are parts that I like more than others, some sounds that are just too used already that I’m starting to dislike a lot. But most of all I dig the heavy drums in fun rhythm, I want to party loud with this music.

NAO “Chirality”

Yesterday was the anniversary of the release of Pet Sounds. Some albums, those albums that will last forever resounding in our collective conscious  coming back over and over again in different shapes, those sounds that belong to our human DNA, evolving with us, so we don’t know if we create them, or they are in us out of our control.

The Dyne “Swim”

Recorded last year, produced by Yang Haisong, The Dyne mixes different ages of romantic rock with ideas of post rock and dance rock twisting and rolling. A new Chinese band to keep near you.



To hear all the songs we have got until now in May, here is the full playlist. Happy weekend to you!

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