Headphones Banger 001: "Hamacide's I wish it was Summer in Shanghai Mix"

After having Captain Weedo doing an specially-made-for-us mix, we decided to keep the idea and to invite DJs, electronic musicians, beat makers, CJs, and their friends too, to do creative mixes to listen with our headphones. These are mixes that aren’t necessarily like those that they would play live in clubs or concerts, but those that they would play in their own living rooms, like hanging with friends, playing with music, with their machines, and with their ideas.

Hamacide is Yusuke Hama from the U.S., currently living in Shanghai.

In 2007, Yusuke released a record under the name LEYODE with fellow Brooklyn singer Laurel Wells. It was titled Fascinating Tininess, it was released by Guillermo Scott Herren‘s own label, Eastern Developments.

In 2010 Yusuke released his debut album as Hamacide, Mighty Little Machine reviewed as a “an existentially experimental blend of sounds with a lot of everything you want more of anyway – perfect beats, searing basses, instant hooks, ouija calls, intergalactic static and much imagination”.

During these snowy freezing days in our oriental metropolis he came out with this mix, as Hamacide says “inspired by many nights of walking home in the cold late at night.  These songs remind me of last summer in NY”.

Nostalgic about summer during winter, Hamacide’s selection is classy and sweet, stylish, kind, and… well, you listen to it and see the summer that grows out of it for you.

Hamacide has a remix album coming out in a few months through a Japanese label called Oil Works.  About it, he says “it will feature remixes of my songs by artists as Prefuse 73, DJ Olive Oil, Leblaze, Epstein,  myself, and many others.  It’ll be released on vinyl and CD.  I am very excited”. Keep your two ears alert, go to his gigs, and get in your headphones “Hamacide’s I wish it was Summer in Shanghai Mix”

Here to listen on the player and to download just right click over this.

The track list:

Blessa – Toro Y Moi
Moonchild – Cibo Matto
Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out – Mayer Hawthorne
Fright NIght (Nevermore) – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti
Casual Goodbye – Bear In Heaven
Piece of 8 feat. SILVA – Hamacide
Moreloo and Tequila – LEYODE
This Is It! – Icy Demons
Storm Returns – Prefuse 73
Loro – Pinback
All I Need – Radiohead
Knife – Grizzly Bear
Something On Your Mind – Karen Dalton

More about Hamacide on his website,  Hamacide’s Soundcloud page, Hamacide’s myspace page, and this interview.

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  1. Heatwolves

    definitely copping – i’ll trust anything with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti on the track list, especially that track.


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