Headphones Banger 004: Shanghai Ultra "SHANGHAI INSURRECTION: THE VOID STRIKES BACK"

This one is special for two reasons.

One. The raise of a classic for Shanghai’s tales of the underground. Two years ago Void produced an epic warehouse party, one that properly fulfilled all the commandments for an authentic techno warehouse rave. I’ll say it again, this party was epic, it set on our collective memory, and thus became one of the episodes of the history of Shanghai’s underground scene.

Two. A juicy and unofficial two. I recently heard Void found the right warehouse to throw a new edition of their techno raves.  And this should be soon. Very soon!

Currently I’m harassing Shanghai Ultra — Void founder — to have more information about this. I promise to come back soon with any piece of gossip, rumor, scoop, or  thought I get to read (steal) from Shanghai Ultra’s dark mind. For now, let me say, I recommend you to be in Shanghai by the end of May.

While. Let’s hail to a classic, and call for an uprising of techno. Play it loud, and enjoy again, and again. here the set that Shanghai Ultra played on May 2009 at Void’s warehouse party.

ShanghaiUltra set at the VOID Warehouse party – Shanghai 2009 by Layabozi on Mixcloud

I forgot an important tip, this weekend Void brings to The Shelter Noise Noise and VJ Ink from Beijing. Void is also producing parties featuring interesting techno sounds from around China, the selection of this artists is careful and it will definitely be attractive for all of those that love techno. Plus Shanghai Ultra will be there playing too, along with the Void crew, MHP, and Zammo. Saturday May 7, 10pm – late.
40 RMB on the door.

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