Headphones Banger 006: Master Builder "Eastern Future Metropolis"

Master Builder is a new record label created by MHP, DOGGY, SIG, and GUZZ. The quartet of electronic music artists from China teamed up to share their experiences, and produce original electronic music together.

Master Builder will be producing monthly gigs, they will start releasing albums — CDs and vinyl records — with their own music, and later we’ll see where they expand to.

Their adventure will start this weekend with the first gig they are producing, the party will be at The Panic Room this Friday, starting at 10pm the four producers will play sets with their original music.

To listen to some of their tracks DOGGY produced this special mix of their own original compositions to share with us, MHP says this is music that makes you feel the future of Eastern metropolises.

Track list:
1. SIG – 人群上空
2. MHP – Love’s Witness
3. MHP – Tonal Of The Rainy Season
4. DJ Doggy – 都市夜归人 (2011 Remix)
5. Guzz – Space Fishman
6. Guzz – 放逐
7. DJ Doggy – Stop!!!
8. SIG – 666

Find more information about this gig on facebook, and on douban.

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