Headphones Banger 008: Liman "The Dark + Save Rave"

Bejing producer Liman just released a self-produced compilation of remixes he has done during the last year for a group of very interesting artist including Jeans Team, Mochipet, Queen Sea Big Shark, Boys Noize, YACHT, La Roux, and more. The LP, titled Originalism, is a cool set of tracks imprinted with Liman’s dark heavy electronic touch, and it’s for free to download, and to party with it. Cheers to Liman!

In case you haven’t heard of Liman, let me tell you, he is probably the most fun producer to watch live in China. He is around the corner from total insanity when he is on the stage, probably already there actually. You know how many DJs barely dance or party with the crowd when they are playing, Liman is not like that, he plays his own beats, jumps, yell, dances, head bang, and party like a rock star, strangely a fun experience after many doses of quiet DJs and producers that are just focused on their machines only. (Yes, this is a complain to those doing music to party, but don’t party…. what’s that?!)

Liman is sharing with us two extra tracks that you can headphone bang here, and download too. “Save Rave” and “The Dark” are two remixes that are not in Originalism. “The Dark” is a demo, the final track that will be part of  Liman’s album to be released on 2012.  And last we are stealing from his soundcloud page a pretty cool set he recorded from one of his performance during this summer.

Download Liman’s LP Originalism for free.

Liman Remix — Save Rave

Liman Remix — The Dark (feat. Fu Han)

Intro 2011 LIMAN DJ SET by LIMAN

Find more of Liman on Soundcloud, Myspace,  and on Douban. Also check this video for “Save Rave” featuring funny radio MC , Stones.

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