Headphones Banger 010: Heatwolves vs. DJ Caution "RapJukeChinesePop"

Heatwolves and DJ Caution did this nasty trippy mix that’s almost like a sound-graphy (…is there already a better word to say this?) of Shanghai, and any big city of China actually. And they released it this week to warm up our hormones for the party they will throw this Sunday at Dada.

This is their intro for the mix: “Mega Mix for Shanghai’s monthly dance party – LOVE BANG. DJ Caution and Heatwolves with original tracks and blends, bass, syrup, and more from the Super Ayi Cleaning Team. We spent three weeks making this – ripping vinyl, cutting up acapellas, taking field recordings, and remixing Chinese Pop songs. We’re super proud of this one.

…oh, and we’re The Super Ayi Cleaning Team.”

I specially love (-bang ) the style of this mix “RapJukeChinesePop”. Also the invitation to the party is very spicy, check it out:

Sunday Love Affair 醉跳会 w/Heatwolves ( from 9:30pm – LATE )

It’s Sunday, the country is on vacation, and you’re not in Thailand. You’re still in fucking Shanghai, so come dance before the ghosts eat you. Cheap, good drinks (RMB20 Beer, RMB30 – 40 Cocktails, Bottles from RMB400), nice sound, great music.

Heatwolves is playing a six hour set, starting with psychedelic rock from the 60s, then soul, hip hop, r&b, and ending up somewhere around dubstep and witch house. Bringing a lot of vinyl out for this one. If you’ve got a song you really wanna hear on a big system, bring down a CD or record and Heatwolves might play it – NO MP3 player/LAPTOP.

It’s the only dance party on Sunday, and you don’t need to work on Monday. Maybe you have to catch a flight, but fuck it, you’ll be fine.

Now the mix to start the flirting for real.
Love Bang #10 Mixtape Dj Caution vs. Heatwolves by HeatWolves


Chapter 1 – Let’s bang real quick b4 we go out

1. Family Mart Gets Girlz Open (Field Recording)
1. Hudson Mohawke x Gucci Mane – Bat Pillz (Ayi Cleaning Team Cereal Blend)
2. DJ Nate – Back Up Kid
3. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – 4 The Ghetto
4. Random Rick Ross Instrumental – Kreayshawn Can Get Tha D
5. DJ Deeon – Pussy, Weed, Alcohol
6. Clicks and Whistles – Grey Goose, Cranberry Juice (Distal Remix)
7. DJ Spinn x Gucci Mane – LOL @ Yr Chain (Ayi Cleaning Team Stupid Chain Version)
8. Chrissy Murderbot – Break You Off
9. DJ Nate – Free
10. Interview with unprepared local journalists part 1 (Field Recording)

Chapter 2 – Fuck love, let me bang in this club

1. Dj Caution – Love Bang Moombah Intro
2. The Finger Prince – Beau (Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
3. Sabo – Toca Pra Moombahton
4. Dj Ammo – Westside (Dillon Francis Moombahton Edit)
5. Equinox – Nanoscona Moombahton
6. Dj Caution feat Busta Rhymes – Hit Cha Wit Da Juan Too (Tear the Roof Off Moombahton Remix)
7. Dillon Francis & Diplo feat Maluca – Que Que
8. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)
9. J-Trick – Ese Papi (Original Mix)
10. Nerd Rage & Sluggo – El Cuco
11. Doctor P – Sweet Shop (MM2 Heartbreak’s Moombahcore Remix)
12. EatEmUp & Sluggo – OMFG
13. Heartbreak – Emalkay (When I Look at You) (Heartbreak’s I Love Moombahcore Remix)
14. Interview with slightly more prepared local journalist (Field Recording)

Chapter 3 – …Still wanna bang, let’s go back to the crib

1. Crime Mob x Lunice – Nuck Dem Bricks, Ho (Heatwolves & Caution Starfox Blend)
2. Redhino – Bare Blips
3. J.O.H. – J.O.H. Is a 10 (Remix of The Dream)
4. Ciara x Kingdom x Girl Unit – Ride It Every Time
5. Moments In Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit; sorry we stole this from a mixtape please release this track it’s ill)
6. Hebe – Love (Caution & Heatwolves’ Grasshopper Swamp Remix)
7. Jerimiah – Birthday Sex (Hovatron Remix)
8. Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (Balam Acab Remix)
9. Interview with severely unprepared local journalist about our mixtape hustle (Field Recording)

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