Headphones Banger 013: Quitral "Root and Banlance""

Native instruments, Mapuche music, with soft brushes of other Latin influences too, and electronic beats, groovy beats. I listened to Quitral’s music and I just like it, I like his style, the spaces within his sounds, the vibe of his rhythm, and the atmosphere.

Quitral is a cool talented DJ and producer from Chile. He released his first album Konünantü (that you can download for free) on 2007, with that album Quitral directed his focus to the native sounds of the Mapuches (Indians from the south of South America), with the idea to promote them, the sounds, mixing them with music that we like and hear now, chill out, jungle, drum ‘n bass, techno, electronic beats in summary. His music has been used as the soundtrack of various documentaries and videos, once you listen to it, I guess you can imagine that for sure it can add a lot of energy to many images.

Quitral produced these two sets specially for Layabozi. About them he says, “MISHKI means sweet or honey in Mapudungun (Mapuches language), for this mix I searched for inspiration in folk and new wave influences, and the vibe I’ve lived in my seventeen years of career as DJ in clubs, raves, and festivals. I expressed the presence of my ancestors with abstract minimal sounds, and the positive energies that I have received from my audience. In this session you can listen to vocals in Mapudungun, and minimal, house, dark structures and strange sounds fused with the sounds of the pifilkas, trompe and trutruka, Mapuche instruments.”

Foye, in Mapudungun, is the tree Drimys winteri, the sacred tree of Mapuche’s culture, it’s used in rituals and as medicine too, it’s an aromathic tree, and it produces a nice vibe around it too. I just looked for tranquility and balance but in a journey to our origin. This is a mix of my best tracks.”

FOYE – QUITRAL CHINA (Set jungle lounge) by Quitral

QUITRAL-MISHKI sesion@LAYABOZI (China) by Quitral

More about Quitral on his iflyer page, and on his myspace.

Download (free) his album Konünantü on his page.

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