Headphones Banger 014: Captain Weedo "Pure Pleasure"

Hedonists of the world, rejoice! The Captain is back with two sets to enjoy and adore. Beats from the future and the past colliding in a sybaritic now-bang.

No need of more intro. Ready? …Set your headphones, check the sound levels, test the volume, turn it up a bit more perhaps, get your favorite drink near you, maybe a chocolate, or a spatial brownie, be sure nobody needs you now, take a big deep breath, breath in, then breath out all the stress and worries — let them go for now, one more time, breath, set yourself in now, put your headphones on, breath deeply again, and press play…

Captain Weedo – 15 minutes of pure pleasure part.1 by Urban Waves

Captain Weedo – 15 minutes of pure pleasure part.2 by Urban Waves

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