Headphones Banger 015: DJ Caution And Heatwolves "Love U Long [龙] Time"

I have the feeling that the Dragon of 2012 has eyes shaped like hearts, lots of romantic music happening around us these days, and still there’s more coming.  Today is the turn of DJ Caution and Heatwolves, the Super Ayi Cleaning Team as they call themselves, specially during their Love Bang parties that are killing, and soon will spread way more love around China this year.

About this mix Heatwolves says  “Built for rainy days and purple sunsets. A carefully selected bag of italo disco, house, and hip hop, slowed down 30%, edited, and cut with some dusty old VHS tapes from around the world. Slow, smokey, bass-heavy, and sexy. We call this Bowser House…”

Love U Long [龙] Time starts with the theme song of a famous chinese cartoon theme song called “Little Dragon People”, go with it, when it’s over the atmosphere changes to crepuscular. Let the beats resound moving the back of your neck, and allow your inner eyes to project what you actually would like to be doing now, and where. There.

Ready now. Start to headbang with the winged-and-green-like-Real-Love Bowser



Tracks played at 87 – 88 BPM

Level 1: Chinese TV DRAGONFLASH
Level 2: B Beat Girls – “For The Same Man” // 25 West Records
Level 3: BICEP – “Hit N Run” // Mystery Meat
Level 4: Tiger & Woods – “Gin Nation” // Editainment
Level 5: T Ski Valley – “Catch The Beat (Deetron Rollerskate Remix)” // Peppermint Jam
Level 6: Malcolm McLaren – “World’s Famous (Super Ayi Cleaning Team Bowser Cut)” // forthcoming LO▼E B▲NG
Level 7: Bonar Bradberry – “Beat The Beat (Beatdown Remix)” // Red Music Records
Level 8: Doctor’s Cat – “Feel The Drive (Instrumental)” // ZYX Records
Level 9: Daft Punk – “Da Funk” // Virgin
Level 10: Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – “Looking For The Perfect Beat” // Tommy Boy
Level 11: BICEP – “Purple Smoke” // THRONE OF BLOOD
Level 12: Kollektiv Turmstrasse – “Schwindelig” // Hafendisko
Level 13: Japanese TV DRAGONFLASH
Level 14: Crystal Castles – “1991” // Last Gang Records
Level 15: PBS DRAGONFLASH… Game Over?

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    thanks for listening! catch us playing on FEB 11th @ Dada, Shanghai, March 3rd @ Code Space, Hangzhou (w/FEEL MY BICEP), MARCH 9th @ The Shelter, Shanghai (w/FEEL MY BICEP), and MARCH 10th @ Haze, Beijing.


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