Headphones Banger 016: Drunk Monk "Sometimes I Think You're Too Good For Me"

This week we have a very special Banger. Produced by Gareth Williams aka Drunk Monk this is a set of carefully selected songs that will simply expand your universe.

Drunk Monk should not be introduced anymore. But in case you are not in our lucky bubble, then he is one of the men behind The Shelter, Sub Culture, Pause:Music, and one of the best DJs around our bubble, and yours too.

Drunk Monk took his time to produced this one, and that time is totally justify by the size of this set. This is the firt mix he puts out in over a year. I got it a couple of weeks ago, I would have published it as soon as I got it, but I had to enjoy it alone for a bit, you just got to understand it. This is a set to experience. I want to leave it to your own senses.

Drunk Monk intro for this one:  “‘A selection of songs put together in the early hours of the morning for you to listen to in the early hours of the morning. A faded state of consciousness. Sometimes I think you’re too good for me”

DRUNK MONK “Sometimes I Think You’re Too Good For Me” — Special Mix for Layabozi by

Track list:

Intro – Anworth Kirk

1. Grouper – Alien Observer

2. The Internet – Love Song – 1

3. The Weeknd – Gone

4. Little Dragon – Brush The Heat

5. Broadcast – Message From Home

6. Hype Williams – ?

7. Peaking Lights – Hey Sparrow

8. Nite Jewel – What Did He Say?

9. King Midas Sound – Say Somethin’ (Joel Ford Revoice)

10. How To Dress Well – Ready For The World

11. Faded Ghost – Talk To Me

Find more about Drunk Monk on SubCulture’s blog.

Photo by Bureau 36 Photography

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  1. Archie

    Gaz looks a bit like Plan B in this photo….. the new soul jazz Plan B

    1. mache

      That’s a cool photo by Benoit and his Bureau 36 Photo, and in a nice moment at YYT too.
      I had to google Plan B, I’ve heard of other couple of bands called Plan B, and Plan V but they don’t look like Gaz… and yeah, you are right, Gaz looks a bit like him, like the UK Plan B, not like the German, or the Argentinean (those guys didn’t get a very creative name)


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