Headphones Banger 019: Downstate "Dwn Mx"

It’s been a while since we don’t have a Headphones Banger on Layabozi. We were missing some decent beats here, luckily Downstate came to our rescue with this very fresh mix cooked with lost treasures that apparently needed some time to ferment.

This is what Downstate told us about DWN MX:

“Well, I always aim to record my live sets, but it normally ends in failure. After sound-check, drinking and some nerves I usually forget to press record [laughs].

“With this in mind, I was looking in sub folder upon sub folder of tracks I’d made for no particular release, mostly for live shows and I found a whole bunch of good stuff. I’d forgotten about it really, songs I made at the end of 2011 to the beginning of this year.

“And so DWN MX was born. Its a sort of eerie head-nod journey through the back of my brain. The part thats been obsessed with 80’s horror soundtracks and odd beats for a long time now.”

Ready to dive in Downstate’s reptilian brain then? Up to be positively surprised? Now plug your headphones. Play.



Finde more about Downstate on our review of  his latest album Farewell Static.

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