Headphones Banger 020: JChan "Crude"


JChan is a beat junkie, a Chinese-American living in Beijing since 1999, working for True Run Media (the company that produces TheBeijinger and other websites). JChan says he has suffered from a life-long addiction to hip hop from the era of the Fat Boys, Mantronix, and Run DMC to the present day.

Surfing for new sounds I ran into JChan’s beats, it took less than a breath to like his vibe.  When I contacted him to talk about his work, I was glad to find that he is seriously working in his music,  he knows well his skills and weaknesses, he has his mind set up on making strong beats, and he is easy going to chat about his work. A likable beat junkie indeed.

JChan says about this mix:  “I’ve only recently starting producing loop-based beats with a combination of Reactable, Audacity and Garageband. Work and fatherhood have kept me too busy to expand into drum machines and live instrumentation, but I hope to get up to speed soon and produce original songs with talented MCs.

“I produced these remixes, mashups and beats with samples culled from my musical influences: funk, jazz, Brazilian, psychedelic rock, krautrock, electronic, reggae, dub. movie soundtracks and of course, old school hip hop.

“I love all aspects of hip hop, but it’s producers like DJ Premier, Buckwild, AG, Metal Fingers, Mr Chop, Four Tet, Alchemist and DJ Nuts (from Brazil), to name a few, who have inspired me the most. The producer who really motivated me to start making my own beats is Tom Caruana, UK-based DJ and former music teacher who put out this incredible mashup/remix blending Wu Tang Clan with Jimi Hendrix samples called Black Gold. I really admire him because he just comes off as a regular bloke who happens to make mind-bending remixes and beats (and has started his own label to boot).

“This is my first mix (I’ve only been doing this for nine months) and as you’ll hear from some of the transitions, I’m still very much a novice when it comes to mixing and beat matching – but I’ve really enjoyed learning about the process and technology as I’ve made these beats. My methods are pretty simple: I make the samples and loops, which I then mix together with beats on an app called Audacity that can run wav files and midi and then I mix the resulting beat with an acapella on Garageband. I hope to learn more and graduate to more advanced gear (SP 1200s, maschine etc.) and incorporate live instrumentation and MCs at some point.

“I’m most partial to the 90s-style (a.k.a. Golden Era) bangers I listened to throughout my university days, but I’ve tried to take inspiration from all the other genres of music – from psychedelic rock and heavy metal to reggae, dub, Brazilian and avant-garde compositions – I’ve gotten into over the years. In addition to funk and soul, many of these tracks contain samples from various Brazilian artists, film soundtracks (including the classic Chinese cartoon Monkey King vs The Demon and Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant”) and even Turkish funk from the 70s”.



The track listing is as follows:

1. Clockwork/Intro
2. War Pigsy (JChan Black Sabbath vs the Monkey King Mashup)
3. MF Doom – Air (JChan Overdrive Remix)
4. The Beatnuts – Off the Hook (JChan Chinese Funk Remix)
5. Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm (JChan Plucked Up Remix)
6. Snoop Dogg ftg Kurupt – Story to Tell (JChan Turkish Funk Remix)
7. Big L – Freestyle & Size ‘Em Up (JChan Krafty Remix)
8. Dizzee Rascal – Pussyole (JChan Momentus Remix)
9. Warren G vs Chaka Khan – Gorilla Pimpin’ (JChan Remix)
10. Ill Bill – Gangsta Rap (JChan Static Remix)
11. Gauge ftg Cella Dwellaz – Cranium (JChan Bad to the Bone Remix)
12. Alkaholiks – DAAAM (JChan Remix)
13. Jurassic 5 – Liguistics (JChan Pluckered Remix)
14. Necro – The Most Sadistic (JChan Cornhole Remix)
15. Easy E vs Bobby Womack – Sippin’ on a 40 (JChan Communication Breakdown Remix)
16. Akrobatik – A to the K (JChan Remix)
17. Tupac, Biggie and Big L – Deadly Combination (JChan Remix)
18. Jurassic 5 – Freedom (JChan PM 2.5 Remix)
19. Nas – One Love (JChan Remix)
20. Biggie – Suicide (JChan Dilla Vibes Remix)


Find more about JChan on his blog.

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