Headphones Banger 021 : Mitoma "Live Mix For Layabozi"


You read and listened the playlist to introduce you to Kim Monaghan’s label, Daddy Tank Records. Now, we bring you a Headphones Banger by Mitoma, a duo listed in Daddy Tank Records artist’s catalog.

Mitoma’s bio says “is a collabaration between pseudonym fanatics Tam Ferrans (Nonima / Altered:Carbon) and Andy Paterson (theAudiologist / Shadow Priest). A symbiotic data relationship between these two Scottish glitch freaks has produced a wealth of creative output which is ongoing”.

And introduction to this set by the duo, “Mitoma created this mix at the request of the Government. It is a subliminal attempt to pacify and subdue the portion of the population that is deemed to be too thoughtful. Some of the frequencies you will hear have been artificially inserted and/or doctored in order to transmit morale boosting information and instructions for more fruitful living. If you play this live Mix at a low state of alert the information it contains will be absorbed much more quickly and you will begin to see positive benefits almost immediately. “



Find more about Mitoma on their Last.FM page and on their Bandcamp page.

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