Headphones Banger 022: Dissolved "Figit Radio Mix"


We got another guest listed on Daddy Tank Records, Dissolved.

His bio says, “Dissolved Paul lives in a house made of shells, in a bubble of Helium on the floor of the Marianas trench. When he is asleep he is working and when he is working he is working. The only time he is not working is when he is eating and he doesn’t eat. You can download his entire life from his website“.

And this is his introduction to his mix “Dissolved’s music is the result of layering of influences. Death metal, IDM, art rock, noise bands and synth pop can all be found. The rare and exotic treats that have gone into creating his sonic DNA can be experienced here in a hand crafted mix that has been double distilled through a Betamax copy of C.H.U.D and a Kerrang flexi-disc.”


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