Headphones Banger 023: MIA ''Dr Melly Calling…''


MIA, our own MIA from China, owns an alluring silence that sorrounds her, a precious quality for anyone that works with music, as silence is what its needed to feel the music.

MIA started to play in 2008, now she is one of the top DJs in Shanghai’s electronic world. Producer, DJ, and certainly listener, MIA is one of those DJs that has the power to grab you by your feet without you noticing you are being caught, then when you finally become aware of your body shaking free of your command, the light in the booth reveals MIA is in control.

For this Headphones Banger MIA prepared an special set that is the first chapter of a series that will be smoothly released here.

This is what’s all about:

Chapter 1

Dr. Melly has been lost in space at the galaxy KMM1 for 78:46 days. K-Cat is out on an emergency search mission… but first, she needs to find Plastikman for the secret codes to enter the wormhole…

Classified Information

K-Cat a.k.a MIA (alien adopted) has been living in the human society for quite some time, she brain washes human with her deep and spacey melodic frequencies. Humans with ESP potentials often invite her to different kinds of ritual gatherings. Those that don’t receive her very well are usually the ones that are heavily controlled by their own evil empires. Her mission is to prepare the chosen ones for alien adoption in the very near future. Don’t miss out her presentations if you are planning to leave this planet!


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