Headphones Banger 024: Blaise Deville "Far Away So Close"

Former Shanghai desperado, earthling DJ and producer, Blaise Deville delivers this varied set specially created for this Valentine’s.

Blaise Deville left China few months ago, but his sounds remain active in Shanghai’s air. Though he went to live back to Europe, he won’t be disconnected from our scene, Deville’s membership in ROM and Sub-Culture as producer, and the many gigs as DJ with Antidote, S.T.D., Void,  guard his position as local DJ and producer. I’m sure he existed before he was in Shanghai too, but … we didn’t.

“Far Away So Close” is a selection of tunes carefully selected by Blaise while pondering the scope of love in fragile ground. When the flow drives you to a private zone, and neither of you are safe there, or at least comfortable. …A positive reminder for those times, love can get over fear. …Though the transition might take some time, hopefully not too long, but whatever is, a second or a couple of years, anyway it will be a tense moment.

Blaise presents it, “No fancy mixing, straight selecting! Pretty awkward, as love can be…”




Find more about Blaise Deville on his website.

Photo by PiggyNukka

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