Headphones Banger 025: Broken Shoulder "Close Your Fingers And Touch A Rash"

Reactivation. Reactivation. Reactivating Headphones Banger.

And the restart of this beloved source of medicinal sounds for passionate souls we have this amazing set with original sounds produced by mister Broken Shoulder, the one man band signed  by Audio Antihero.

“Close You Fingers And Touch A Rash” is a ten minutes sound moment that changes flavors depending on the mood you are wearing each time you travel it.

This is Broken Shoulder’s introduction to our space.
Hello, I am Neil/Broken Shoulder. The name comes from a life-changing sleepwalking injury. This is a mix of my some previously  released stuff I have done and some new stuff too. The first bit (Stiller Nite) is a slightly different version of a song on my first album on Audio Antihero. The last bit (Fun Juice) was released on Deathbomb Arc as part of their Digital Singles club, year 2. The middle bit has been recorded especially for this mix. I am a big fan of headphone music listening so was pleased to do something specifically intended for headphones. Hopefully there are bits in the mix that you might not notice if you were listening on speakers. The whole mix is called ‘Close Your Fingers And Touch A Rash’, but only because this is a phrase that came into my head whilst I was asleep and dreaming and it stuck with me so much that I wrote it down when I woke up. Try not to read too much into it. Further insight into my subconscious can be found at the Broken Shoulder Bandcamp. There are a few things you can buy there if you want. Thanks for listening.


!!! This is the complete edition

More about Broken Shoulder on his Facebook page, his Bandcamp, his Twitter, his Soundcloud.

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