Headphones Banger 026: Ben Thriller "Tick Tack Techno"



On this episode of Headphones Banger our guest is Ben Thriller, the Swede DJ behind the music program of Lune and Logo, part of Shanghai’s disco scene since 2009, head behind the parties Boing Boom Tschak, furthermore chilled and nice party guy in the booth.

This is Ben Thriller’s intro to his set: “This mix contains stuff (let’s call it techno) I like to listen and clubbing to but rarely play myself. I wish I could play it more often, but unless it’s a well promoted event at Shelter or perhaps at the newly open LOgO this music wouldn’t be received well and probably would result in killing the dance floor. I don’t know the next time I get the chance to play techno for an audience so when I was asked to make a mix for Layabozi I immediately knew where I wanted to go with it. …What do you say, can you dig it?”


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