Headphones Banger 027: DJ Matt Kitshon "Appliances 1999"


DJ Matt Kitshon is one of those DJs with a great sense of the mood of the crowd and an amazing skill to hypnotize. Exactly the powers that great DJs have, he has the ability to catch the attention of the mass, hook us, and then take us wherever he wants. Matt Kitshon play sets that you can’t leave until he plays the last song, neither can you stay sitting down… unless you are a zombie without any rhythm left in your blood.

Matt Kitshon lived in Shanghai for three years, long ago, when Shanghai was beginning to get pro, he was part of those beginnings. During his time in China he spread his psalm with extended proficiency around the booths of Shanghai and China. He played on every possible decent, and indecent club of those times, not only in Shanghai, but all around China. In Shanghai you would most commonly found him at Park 97, Studio 78, Dragon Club, and DKD.

DJ Matt Kitshon went back to his hometown Brisbane, Australia in 2007. There he has continued his service spreading the word about good music to dance and enjoy, playing at countless festivals and gigs, controlling the directions of clubs, and of course, educating the ears and souls of those who already know, and those yet unaware.

And since we are in a week of festivals, and crazy days of following rock stars, I feel like confessing that DJ Matt Kitshon was the first DJ I’ve ever followed (… stalked). After I  first listened to him playing at Dragon I had to find him, he was some kind of genius with those knobs and controls, he could mix whatever he wants, and he would keep the vibe up for dancers to be in continuous joy. So I found him, caught him with chocolate ice cream, and Hunan ribs, and followed him to any gig I could. His talent in the booth, his understanding of music, and his mean assertiveness caught my attention forever.  And until I can’t enjoy again one of his sets live, the whole world and I are thankful for his recorded “Shon” sets that you can find on his mixcloud,

I’m especially glad to bring you a set he just released few days ago. It’s a vintage set, and it’s kicking ass. “Appliances 1999”

This is what DJ Matt Kitshon says about it “Before there were “Shons”, b4 there were CDj’s, when digital DJing was still science fiction, there were three mixed CD’s of mine… this is one… still rocks today … share the love and njoy.”

Dj matt kitshon – appliances (1999) by Dj Matt Kit-Shon on Mixcloud



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