Headphones Banger 028: American Booze DJs "An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008"



American Booze DJs ( Nik Patel)  is one of the DJs in the circuit of good music in Shanghai. You can usually finding playing at Dada, and recently often at 390 too. His sets are fun and creative, and always a good dance. Not this one though, well, unless you are an extremely awesome dancer.

Today’s Headphones Banger is a mix he did out of a collection he found of Chinese producers of experimental music. That’s like an archaeological treasure (well, almost). He found a compiled collection of four discs, and from there he came out with this mix, a geeky mix as you will see. This isn’t a mix for amateur listeners, neither for people that doesn’t enjoy to disturb the silence. This is for curious minds, music lovers, and you can be ready for cool surprises.

American Booze DJs says about it “forty one of the  four CD collection’s forty eight tracks are featured. I enjoy this kind of thing but even my patience was getting tested with the length and unwieldiness of this thing. Making this mix was one way I managed to get through the collection.

“So here you go: five hours of noise condensed to 50 minutes. Most of the time there are four overlaid onto each other, some had a little extra reverb added, most were being played at the wrong speed (up to +/- 50).”

An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008 by American Booze Djs on Mixcloud

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