Headphones Banger 029: Octopus Finger "What It Was, What It Could Have Been, What It Will Be"


Octopus Finger is the moniker of Carlos Vergara for his new electronic project. Vergara is also member of the band This Co., and the man behind several musical projects that go from Chile to Spain.

He brings this time to Headphones Banger a mix that rocks from beginning to end through a trip of works produced in all the projects he has participated. Specially ill are the dark electric bass lines a signature sound all around Vergara’s work. But the cherry is the premier of the track “Fear” of Octopus Finger’s new and self-titled album, his first one, which is just being released these days, along with a video for this track (watch it at the end).

About the featured bands and the set this is what Octopus Finger says.

Federación De Boxeo is my favorite own band, probably because it’s the most visceral band I’ve had. It was during my teenager years, when everything was more intense and spiritual to me. We were so together that all our songs resulted out of the first jam, improvising, they would just come up at the first try, later we would only fix details and add some small arrangement. Plus Daniboy was an amazing guitarrist, one of the best I’ve ever met.

The second track is from Crack, this is from a darker time, everything was falling down, dreams, love, friendships… But right then I had the chance to share with Omar who gave me a lot as friend and musician. Later on we played again together in This Co., and we keep on doing things together from the distance.

This Co. is the band that has gave me more satisfaction until now. We went on tour, came out on TV, all that stuff. It’s the most professional band I’ve had joined, also the most strange one, we almost never jam, we design the music. It’s very interesting, the creative process is cerebral, and about thinking and imagining moods. It’s another key to understand who I am, and what and how I want things.

Octopus Finger is introspection, to think about what it was, what it could have been, and what it will be. A catharsis to say what I want however it comes out. To criticize what I want to crticize, and to tell to myself what I must remember. It’s intimate, but also it’s for soul mates. Also it’s been the way to record with EPA Sounds, a label that has support me, they are really valuable people, motivating, and generous, who I’d like to salute here, and to all those that have supported me.

More information on Octopus Finger Soundcloud and on Carlos Vergara on Tumblr.

Track list

1. TNT – Federación de boxeo
2. 2-3 – Crack
3. Bass – This Co.
4. Petrified – This Co.
5. Shout – This Co. (Equipo Remix)
6. I see – This Co.
7. Dancers – Octopus Finger
8. Fear – Octopus Finger
[Youtube video]

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