The Rogue Transmission Mystery

The Rogue Transmission

The winners are…
Alicia H. with the correct answer and Jason L. with the most funny one.

Please get your ‘rewards’ tonight in YYT during The Rogue Transmission’s concert.

Thanks for participating!!!
Layabozi Team

On this Saturday, October 25th, The Rogue Transmission will be playing at YuYinTang for the release of their first EP called “Illicit Intercepts”.

There’s been some talking already about what is the mysterious figure of the cover of the album (the flyer you’ve seen around lately). So we decided to make it a contest to let you win a CD! Just send an e-mail to describing what you think it could be. The winners will be chosen out of the most creative answers and those that actually, who knows how, guess correctly what’s behind the image.

The only thing we know about the cover is that it’s Fabien’s production. Fabi is the Rogue Transmission’s drummer and he will take part in the vote attributing the most creative or accurate answers.

The winners will be notified by email (and on, then will receive their free CD on Saturday’s release party.

Please include with your answer: your full name, mobile number and e-mail address.

Here the mysterious cover (click to enlarge)

This is where the photo came from:

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