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Indie Top One is a compilation released by the Soma record label last December at the launch, reviewed here by the very sharp Andy Best, of their Indie Top imprint. Indie Top’s website is currently only a coming soon sign that–WARNING!!–has auto play music, but we’ll keep you updated on it.

The album includes tracks from IGO (another B6 project), 小自然 (Little Nature), 十四行诗 (Sonnet), Monokino, and 蘑菇团 (The Mushrooms) among others.

It’s not a very friendly link for the download. You have to select all the songs, then download (下载), which opens a new page, and then download song by song. But, what the duck!?, It’s free and it’s good, so go through the drag and enjoy the music.

Download here … ganbei!

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