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I was perusing the Layabozi Dropbox folder the other day, looking for some weird stuff to listen to and seeing if Mache had updated it with stuff I hadn’t heard yet, something I could tell the origins of from the cryptic zip file names. It’s a fun thing to do sometimes.

I came across this title, “AMERICAN ROYALTY”. I had no idea what it was, but it was an intriguing title. I decided to go for it, seeing as how there wasn’t really any risk anyway. Click.

Glad I clicked. It’s only a three-song EP, but two of those three are like my favorite songs right now: “Matchstick” and “I’ve Been Fighting For You”. The third one, “Blood Keys”, is still a cool song; I just don’t like it as much as the others.

“Matchstick” is a super summery song. Now’s the time to find some summer jams and this one is definitely on the short list. It starts out with an infectious piano line and the lead singer proclaiming, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain,” which I thought was a bit weird, but, hey, whatever. When the synths kick in and the song builds, you don’t really care about any non sequitur James Taylor references. The chorus also alludes to “strawberry fields” so I think they’re just being a bit silly. You know, having fun, just kicking it with James Taylor and The Beatles.

“I’ve Been Fighting For You” is a mid-tempo, electro pseudo-ballad. It goes through quite a few changes, though, and ends up in an interesting place. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself. That’s why this column is called “Listen To”.

Go. Listen.

American Royalty are a three-piece from LA led by the dueling vocals of Billy Scher and Marc Gilfry. They recorded on a variety of analog equipment, which gave their synthesized sounds a unique quality that really shines through and makes their sound stand out. They’re supposed to be pretty good live, too. The EP is available on Bandcamp for only $3 so since it’s cheap and you don’t have access to the Layabozi Dropbox account you should go buy it.

For additional remixes and such, also check out their Soundcloud.

And for a little more info on the band, go to their home site.

Finally, also of interest to American Royalty enthusiasts would be this video for the song “Matchstick”. If you have any psychedelic agents just hanging about, the time to ingest them is just before you hit “play” on this bad boy.


[Vimeo video]

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