Birdstriking "Magpie"

Birdstriking from Beijing have been together since 2009, this year they released their first LP, the self-titled album was released under Maybe Mars label. Birdstriking is formed by He Fan (guitar) of Carsick Cars fame, Zhou Nairen (bass), Wang Xinjiu (drums).

These days Tenzenmen is adding Birdstriking to their catalogue, now you can buy and listen the album on its Bandcamp. Tenzenmen revealed the album might be soon in vinyl edition.

“Magpie” is the longest song in the album, at moments seems to be a pop tune, but the loud bass and the reverb keep it dark, there’s also the long noisy trippy break, and “the ten-thousand magpies shouting cha cha calling for a free world”, the song flies.


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