Boyz & Girl

They are a new band raising from the independent music scene of Taipei. Cataloged as a showgaze band, the four piece band is releasing their first album with Tenzenmen label. The eleven songs in the self-titled album are a brave exploration into the spaces of Boyz & Girl’s sounds and style, all of them live in the same universe but each of them feels like a different world.

This is fine addition to Tenzenmen’s catalog, an album to excel yourself when showing the diversity in your music library, and a band to follow closely.




Buy Boyz & Girl album on Tenzenmen’s Bandcamp.

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  1. josh

    boyz & girl broke up over a year ago and this album was released by maybe mars about two years ago, not really new. the lead singer moved to beijing in 2010 and drummed in Carsick Cars for a while, then moved back to taiwan, then moved back to beijing last fall and booted up another band called Skip Skip Ben Ben. but she just moved back to Taiwan again so that band is also not really active any more.

    1. mache

      Hey Josh, my bad. Thanks for the update. I got now an update from Tenzenmen, and the band is not really over, they are in a hiatus while Skip Skip Ben Ben is in Beijing. And this album was actually released just last year on Maybe Mars.
      The thing about Maybe Mars releases is that their information channels with media are very slow or non existent at all. While Tenzenmen has improve a lot their promotion and media management this year. And we like better to support those that are doing well their job. This is a big subject anyway, and has many more layers and sides of course. But in summary it’s what explains why this music comes late to us.


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