Capitan Tifus' “Maradevi”

When you hear Capitan Tifus—a nine-member (give or take), multi-instrumental modern Musica Mestiza band from Argentina—you can’t help but be lifted a little. Their music is bouncy and cool—a mixture of rock and ska and folk and Latin and Balkan influences and so many other things. They draw you in with clear melodies and catchy instrumentals and the music is wildly inviting even if you don’t speak Spanish. Listen to “Maradevi”, the second track from their new album E Viva!, released earlier this year and then just try and stop yourself from dancing along. Their sound brings to mind parties in the summer, good friends, good drinks, drunken singalongs and staying up to watch the sun rise. It’s a lot like a group of your friends just hanging out and playing music (if all of your friends were really good musicians).

Though they’ve been together since 2004, Capitan Tifus will be touring China for the first time this fall, hitting Shanghai in October. And if they sound this fun on their album, imagine what they’ll be like live.



For more information on Capitan Tifus, tour dates, music: their official website, and their Douban page.

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