CAssette “记忆体 A Minor Dream”


CAssette are preparing to go on a little tour that will take them to Shanghai and Guangzhou, the new home town of Kram, CAssette’s guitarist and sound engineer.

Since Kram moved to Guangzhou CAssette’s process to produce music is a little slower than before, but still is happening, and they are fiercely working on a new album that might contain the two tracks they released last year, and their latest song “A Minor Dream” that was released just last week.

“记忆体 A Minor Dream,” is about a dream in A minor, just in case you are a bit confused about the title’s meaning like I did too when I heard it first. The song is a mellow trippy electronic tune with Teardroppy singing with a cadence that warmly surrounds you, like a warm bath but instead of water you’ll float in music.

CAssette has already five songs ready to form what will be their next release, and maybe their first LP. Three of these songs are already out on their DoubanXiami, and Soundcloud. About these new songs Teardroppy told us “Like always we wrote them together (now not really together but in Beijing and Guangzhou) each one of us is in charge of their own part, except on “A Minor Dream,” Kram and Wu (Cassette’s bassist) exchanged positions. We recorded part of it at my home, and other part in Guangzhou in Kram’s studio. All songs were produced by Kram.”

The other two songs are “皎皎” Jiao Jiao” and “请你与我共跳一支华尔兹 Waltz With Me.” Teardroppy told us the story behind “皎皎” Jiao Jiao,” “ It’s not me who wrote the lyrics and no one knows who wrote it! It’s a Chinese ancient poem wrote almost two thousand years ago, too old to find who is the writer. You know there are many ancient poems about the moon and the nostalgia for missing someone, they say they were all influenced by this poem. I guess it’s just like most metal music were influenced by Black Sabbath, and so many bands say their music is influenced by The Beatles”

CAssette is planning to do their tour the first days of June, and they will bring two other bands with them. As soon as they have all set up Layabozi will have the news. And for now, get warm and cozy with this sweet tune, “记忆体 A Minor Dream.”

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