CAssette "Little Boat To China"


CAssette just released a new song, “Little Boat To China” was recorded by their former drummer, and it will be part of their new release.

About this new release, Teardroppy, the ethereal distinctive singer of the band, tell us that it is not yet clear if they will release a double EP or an LP, she explains it “do you really think there are someone living on this planet still having time and patience to finish every single song in a whole album without pressing fast-forward?  …okay … I do”.

And me too, I am sure there are still many sensible music lovers in the world.  I mean, real music lovers can consume music like fast food too, but I am sure that when you find a song  that  makes your corpuscles pause and shine you won’t press fast forward, but even maybe play again. Right? Add to that the undeniable magnetism of CAssette’s music. And the market saturation with EPs. Personally I’m more into the greatness of LPs than into the modesty of EPs. Regardless, whatever is the format, the transcendence of a record depends at last on the music. (Well, and the promotion too)

CAssette is still unsigned, in charge of their own productions. Kram, guitarist of the band, is behind the recording of the new songs of the band, the recording, still in process, is happening at his studio. Kram will also do the post production of the album.

About “Little Boat To China”, Teardroppy told us, “someone may know this title as an old Asian folk song. I know that song and it’s short, lovely lyrics but never knew its melody. Our song has nothing to do with that folk song. Actually I don’t want to say anything about China, it’s just a word suggesting where you come from, the place you grew up. I think I’m singing about something that once were the most familiar to you, but  you are going to leave them behind anyway. Even if you are not leaving, they will change, because you are changing, you grew up too much, they won’t recognize you anymore”.

What a lovely way to talk about time and distance. The song evolves slowly exploring the fantasy world that CAssette already discovered/created when they first found their own signature sound. “Little Boat To China” is a dreamy ballad, a  kind of song that now we know CAssette has victoriously taken over fluently.

Teardroppy also gave us another tiny scoop about the band, she told us CAssette is working in another project, she says it is an experiment for them, she won’t tell us much more than this really. “It is a secret until the Spring finally comes”, she added, “what else I can say now is that if we fail… please forget what I said…” I had to spread it, I’m sure CAssette followers will be glad to know they are inspired and in creative action.

The final scoop that Teardroppy gave us was that they will release a new song for Valentine’s Day, a love song, “more electronic”, she said. And yes, I think/hope I will love it.

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