Cold Fairyland “黑色的翅膀Black Wings” and “小仙子Little Fairy”


Cold Fairyland just released two singles that I know you want to listen to.

“黑色的翅膀Black Wings” is a musical ode to freedom made with the characteristic sound of folk rock that we know from the band, pretty melodies, nice arrangements decorated with traditional sounds built and driven by rock guitars and drums. This tune was recorded in 2009 but it was mixed and released just now, I guess it was slowly cooking its powers in a hidden magic box stored in the cupboard of the secret forest cabin on the rooftop of the skyscraper where Cold Fairyland do their rituals.

“小仙子Little Fairy” is a progressive tune with retro vibes by the drums and smooth vocals by Cold Fairyland’s leader Lin Di. Notice the bass rocking you while the guitar and effects are rolling you around.

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