Commix Releases Clips of New Album Dusted

Commix is releasing two new albums this year with Metalheadz, a new LP to be released in October or November, that will include a new 12” that the duo says will release much sooner.

Sooner than that even, almost now, we’ll get Dusted, this one is almost ready to roll, an LP with a collection of tracks that the drum & bass nobles wrote years ago, it will be out on March 5th. George Levings and Guy Brewer said the tracks are “excavated from old hard drives and lovingly restored”. Few days ago the duo uploaded clips of the tracks on their Soundcloud page, and today they were published on Metalheadz page.  The clips show just three minutes of each track, a good marketing move, kind of evilish I’d say, creating anxiety to listen soon to the rest of them. Well done. I just hope the tracks are cool enough for Siesta to bring them back to China.

Majestic sounds. Enjoy.

Time Has Come by Commix

Commix – Golden by Metalheadz

Commix – Everything by Metalheadz

Autumn Rides by Commix

Commix – MFSB by Metalheadz

Tracking You by Commix

EXP by Commix

Commix – Envious (Original Commix Demo Version) by Metalheadz

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