Daedelus Adjustments Made

Daedelus just released a notable collection of remixes on Soundcloud, Adjustments Made. The digital compilation includes … adjustments of tracks by Aphex Twins, Stardust, Bjork, Dntel, New Order plus one “adjusment” of the remix by John Tejada of Mannequin Lung’s “City Lights”.

We asked to Daedelus about this digital release, he said:  “I must say it was an impulsive set to create, quite different than my records, or previously released music in many ways. But a few words about the project…

“Adjustments aren’t remixes, nor are they the songs just slowed down. Adjustments are an attempt to take sounds I’ve cared for — been passionate about — believing they changed the world of electronic music, and show them in a different light. All have been made for listening rather than dancing, more of a mood than how EDM usually gets characterized as club productions. I put them together to celebrate the many listeners on I’ve been honored to gather, but also because of a passing of a family member I felt it was time to reflect on creation rather than death. I hope these somber and
emotional songs do that.”

In summary, this collection of tracks form a musical work that is absolutely enjoyable, that motivates to listen to more good music, and makes you feel you are using really well your time while paying total attention to it.

The final thing I’d like to add about this release is related to the motivation that moved Daedelus to produce this tracks. The great quality of this work certainly accomplished his objective, the use of darkness in this music incites to creativity. And the celebration to his followers, like a “cheers, guys! here’s to you!” it feels like a nice idea, probably there are some musicians that have already done it, but if not I guess it might start to happen more often, after all it’s a very kind reaction from a musician to his audience.  Plus, I think Soundcloud is worth a celebration, those guys are doing a nice work with that. Done.

Now. Enjoy.

Heliosphan (Daedelus’ Adjustment) by Daedelus

Anywhere Anyone (Daedelus’ Adjustment) by Daedelus

State of Your Headlights (Daedelus’ Adjustments) by Daedelus

City Lights featuring Divine Styler (Daedelus’ Adjustment) by Daedelus

The Music Sounded Better Once (Daedelus’ Adjustment) by Daedelus

Adjustments Made by Daedelus

Perfect Kiss (Daedelus’ Adjustment) by Daedelus

Find more about Daedelus in his official website.

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