Dear Eloise, Two 7'' Castle + Song For Her


Dear Eloise is since 2007 the side project of PK14’s Yang Haisong, and his wife, former bassist of PK14, Sun Xia. Their music is low-fi scratchy and melodious among multiple layers of distortion, shoegaze pop punk that they record in their home studio. They have never played live, but since the release of their first album on 2011 The Words That Were Burnt they have gain more and more audience. The scratchy guitars, the low and simple drums, the mostly calmed and melodious singing of Sun Xia, the catchy melodies, all that  results in music that’s easy to follow, like, and identify with.

From their first album The Words That Were Burnt comes “Castle” a simple folk like punk tune. Here you can hear the original version. On the 7” they pushed the low-fi effect further.





“Song For Her” is taken from their latest album Beauty In Strangers. Song For Her 7” includes a b-side, “Song For Him” specially recorded for this album.





You can get the two 7” on Tenzenmen’s Bandcamp page or their artist page.

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  1. josh

    the 7″s were released on vinyl by Beijing label Genjing Records:

    you can by them there and at many shows in Beijing

    1. mache

      Yes. True. And also they were released by Share In Obstacles.


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