Demerit "Fight Your Apathy"


Originally from Qingdao, but long ago based in Beijing, Demerit is one of the most popular punk bands from China, maybe already one of the classic punk bands from China even. Demerit was created by Li Yang (vocals/guitar), Xue Yang (bass) and Zhang Wei (drums), soon Zhang Ning (guitar) joined them, since their beginnings they have had many changes of drummers and bassist, until now the most  important ones for the band have been Zack from the States, and Du Shuai who joined them for the recording of their first album Bastards Of The Nation, and who has been since then with them.

“Fight Your Apathy” is part of Bastar ds Of The Nation, released on 2008 under Maybe Mars label, produced by Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgroove, and set as one of the most relevant punk albums from China. “Fight Your Apathy” became one of the anthems of Demerit, a song that is meant to awake to awareness, with a constructions that reveals an strong influence from North American punk, and heavy metal guitars, a cool bassline keeping the cool of the song, and massive yells and riffs, great breaks, and a straight to the point idea, one of the classics of Chinese punk.


Demerit’s official website.

Bastards Of The Nation on Bandcamp.

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