Disasteradio "Kids of 99"

Disasteradio’s music has a bit of Devo, a bit of Mario,  a bit of HAL 9000, a bit of Cindy Lauper (yes, I know that’s weird but I really think so), a bit of funky police comedy, and a big bit of 70s and 80s, and a little bit of now. He also has a bit of Eric Serra, and a bit of Joe Hisaishi. But on “Kids Of 99” I imagine Vangelis high on chocolates and maybe something like Angel’s Trumpet tea. I like it. Not the tea. The song. And the funny trip of imagining a cartooned Vangelis going nuts on the synths, and then spacing out in the infinite universe, and then going nuts again.  Anyway, the summary of this is that Disasteradio has pretty fun dimensions, and his music has as many layers as your imagination can explore. Nice music.


He is now touring China with Abe Deyo. Today he is playing in YugongYishang, and tomorrow Friday he will play in YuyinTang. Then Saturday in Wuhan’s Vox.

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