DJs Pareja "Saxo Temor"


We just got this one from Kompakt. DJs Pareja are Mariano Caloso and Diego Irasuta from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been playing together since 1999 leading ‘BAires’ clubs. This week they are relasing their second  EP De La Cabeza (Off Your Head), labeled under Comeme, the record label of Matias Aguayo, who is also signed on Kompakt, that would explain why we got the news from Kompakt. Their discography includes two albums Versatil? (2004), and Marcha (2009), and several singles and compilations including Street Sound a 12” vinyl in collaboration with Matias Aguayo.

De La Cabeza has four tracks “De La Cabeza”, “Ladren Ladren”, “No Paren”, and “Saxo Temor”. The four tracks are fun, and really cool for dancing, great material for any DJ that wants to make people go crazy partying. DJs Pareja’s beats are really fresh, heavy, and again fun fun. Good tunes to wake up, clean your home, run, or again, dance dance dance. I haven’t been in Buenos Aires, but they sound a lot like the never ending parties that I’ve been told are always happening there.

Buy and listen to the complete EP De La Cabeza on Kompakt.


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