EMPFAB Debut EP Toddler

Shanghai loves drum ‘n bass. I got into dnb here, so from my point of view Shanghai has a story with it. It goes through periods though, sometimes it gets tired, and then suddenly it returns and it’s turned on again. Now, it’s a turn on moment, it should be.  I’m remembering an interview I did to Siesta a couple years ago, and we were talking about the possibilities of having home made, Shanghainese made, drum ‘n bass.  EMPFAB, short for “Emperor Fabulous” (very tempting name to play with), has just released his first EP. After a couple of years playing with machines, knobs, buttons, softwares, and tentative styles, EMPFAB surprised us yesterday with the release of Toddler.

On its tag on Soundcloud, says Toddler is dnbish, I wonder why didn’t wanted to be all straight drum ‘n bass.  Toddler is dark, and gothic, it’s a bit retro and sci-fi at the same time, its beats create heavy textures that are easy to follow if you like to bounce at the beats of basses. It doesn’t go nuts a lot, it’s kept brainy, industrial, or gothic when for me it feels like the time to go crazy.  A couple of times I feel that tone wise could be more colorful. The construction of the songs I believe makes them friendly to be plaid at parties. Also it has  sounds reverencing classics, another friendly detail.

EMPFAB has been producing for a long time already, he has played live a lot, has done lots of nice gigs, and has released cool tracks to test his producer skills. Toddler is not only his first EP but also a material initiation for his career as producer, both are good news.

** Extra news:  EMPFAB will release today two additional tracks, remixes of Esia and The Horses

Animalistic (master demo) by EMPFAB

Filtered Dark Beer (master demo) by EMPFAB

Wave Pudding (master demo) by EMPFAB

All tracks are available for free download too.

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