Erica Lee “你焦虑”


Erica Lee has been active part of the jazz scene for a very long time, she has been singing with the best bands and musicians of the circuit giving her voice for their compositions, she has been part of Alec Haavik’s Friction for several years, also with Theo Croker’s bands, also she has sing along with Coco Zhao, just to name some, and she has released some of her own music under the wing of big pop labels some years ago too, that took her to Taiwan and Hong Kong, but somehow those recordings never made it to our own scene. You can do like me and blame it on that record label and their commercial stress. But just recently she decided to take control of her career in a more creative way and turned to a more adventurous project, Erica Lee is going indie with her own ways to make music, and I think this decission will proove to be not only better for herself but for all of us who love music. I am betting she will become a greater force that will not only be moving in the jazz circuit.

Last year Erica Lee joined JZ Festival for the first time with her own music, and it was a blast. Now she is working on the production of her latest solo album, that we will hopefully be hearing very soon. And now we got a new song she just released, it’s not yet clear if this song will be part of her album, but sure it does the work to warm up the atmosphere before her album comes out.

The song is “你焦虑” (Your anxiety), this is a demo, and not the finished version yet. Erica wrote this song after a fight about music with one of her close friends, I wish I would be allowed to tell you all the details of the fight, but I like to respect the wishes of my sources, anyway I can tell you the fight ended with Erica quiting a project to avoid compromising her artistic principles, with her friend and her still being good friends luckily, and with a song that give us a new version of Erica, one of her stepping into rock. That was a pretty good fight if you ask me.

I got the lyrics, you can use some online translator if you don’t know Chinese, and we got the song. Enjoy it!

Last minute note! Erica Lee will be at JZ this Sunday playing her music, so you can go to listen to her tunes live very soon.


你焦虑 你焦虑 你焦虑


Erica Lee “你焦虑” by Layabozi on Mixcloud

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