Everything Is Made In China

Yeah, lots of things are made here, but not this band. They are from Russia. Anyway, the only reason to care about their name is that I realized the idea of everything made here does not make the same sense that it used to do before living in China, now this idea feels closer to … air, or water, like, uhu, well, not much philosophical sci-fi stored in the concept.

Done with that.

Everything Is Made In China, EIMIC, have already recorded two albums in Canada produced by Dean Marino, and they are now promoting their two new singles, and we liked both of them. “Brittle Crystal” and “Parade”.

EIMIC’s music is easy to consume and like, with decent arrangements, and a correct production done by John McEntire. They sound like the indie pop that is in vogue, soft melodic male voices, and catchy disco pop melodies, with synths sounds adding the extra sugar to the mix. Their Russian origin gives an additional spice to their music, it’s just too bad they are not singing in Russian.




This is the video for “Brittle Crystal” 

[Youtube Video]

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